How To Cure A Migraine Fast
How To Cure A Migraine Fast

How To Cure A Migraine Fast

Migraine is a type of headache caused by a disorder of the blood vessels. The occurrence of brain electrical impulse hyperactivity causes increased blood flow in the brain and trigger the brain’s blood vessels dilated. Migraine is a chronic condition and often relapse. Migraine is one of the diseases that many people complain about. Migraine attacks on one side of the head, but sometimes took turns attacking in the other side of the head. Sometimes the pain is felt in the forehead, around the eyes, back of the head including migraines as well.

Migraine usually occurs between 4 to 72 hours accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, smell and pain stabbed in a specific part of the head.

How To Cure A Migraine Fast

Here are some ways to cure a migraine fast:

Drinking plain water.
Try drinking 1-2 liters of water in a day. When less drinking water, your body will dehydrate and fluid in the brain tissue. This can cause the chain shrank, irritation and pain.

Eat high Magnesium food.
Increase consumption of foods containing magnesium, such as green vegetables, tomatoes, whole grains, potatoes, and oats. Because when the body’s lack magnesium, this will trigger a migraine.

Chew the ginger.
Ginger in addition to nausea and indigestion disorders, it can also cure migraines. Ginger can reduce the effects of prostaglandins, substances that can cause inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain that trigger migraines.

Head massage with rubbing oil.
Apply rubbing oil on the temple, then massage gently. You can also apply around your neck that feels stiff. The aroma and flavor of warm oil could help the body so that it feels comfortable and can reduce pain.

Compress the head with ice.
Try lying down and compress the head with ice already wrapped a plastic bag.

Pain relieving medication.
When migraine recurrence, you can take medication pain reliever such as ibuprofen, mefenamic acid or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and naproxen. The use of such drugs is an effective relief of pain, but was advised on the recommendation and prescription.

Acupuncture therapy with the aim of waging a blood flow and reduce pain in the head.

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How To Cure A Migraine Fast

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