How to cure a cold in children
How To Cure a Cold in Children (Illustration/pixabay)

7 Easy Tips – How To Cure a Cold in Children

The children with the cold usually cranky so it requires special attention. Cold drugs for children easily find at drug stores. But there are other ways to help cure the cold in children without depending on drugs.

How to cure a cold in Children?

Use saline spray.

One of the most secure and effective way to treat the cold in children is to use a spray medication or nasal drops containing salt or saline. These drugs can be used in children and adults, newborn even though. Saline does not contain chemicals, just plain salt, fluids and can help resolve a clogged nose so that it is easier to breathe.

Use humidifier room.

When the weather is cold, especially in winter in subtropical countries, people are more susceptible to the cold. The air is very dry due to the low humidity outside, while the inside using heat. Use the tools to moisturize the room in the children’s room while he/she was sleeping to help relieve respiratory congestion.

Enough rest.

Rest is the most important thing to help restore the body when sick, including children. Parents should not force them to stay in bed, quite at home, no need to school or activities outside, especially when the illness is contagious.

Lots of drinking.

Keeping the body hydrated is important for everyone, including children. Make sure children drink enough water and avoid fizzy drinks or sweetened. Better select drinks containing electrolytes. If the child is not lusting to eat, do not worry, as long as she had enough to drink and her body hydrated.

Give him warm food or drinks.

This will help relieve the throat and make the body more comfortably.

Give him honey.

Honey is rich in properties, especially for immunity. However, avoid giving honey to children under 1 year old.

Go to the doctor.

The cold is not a disease and we don’t need to see a doctor. But when the pain gets increasingly serious, so medical treatment of a doctor could not be avoided. But as long as the child’s condition is not worrying and be restored in the home, the drugs could still be avoided.

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