How often should i wash my hair

How often should I wash my hair

How often should i wash my hair? Or is it necessary to use the shampoo twice? Here are the answers to these questions.

One of the most frequent activities performed while the bath is shampooed. Shampooing or hair washing is a treatment for hair by wash your hair and scalp with shampoo that is mixed with water, then rinsed using water to clean. However, you’ve probably wondered How often should I wash my hair. Every day, two days, or even once a week?

To find out how often to shampoo needs to be done, here are some things you need to know about the frequency of shampooing that you need to do.

How does shampoo work?

When shampooing, shampoos you use will capture the oil on Your hair and scalp, so if you wash it with shampoo too frequently (e.g. once a day), it will cause your hair to dry and vulnerable against hair breakage. What you should know is that your hair produces natural oils that are known by the term of sebum; and shampoo do you use will capture the oil, dirt, residue and excessive product that exists so that it can cleanse Your hair and scalp.

The other fact is that everyone producing sebum or oil on the hair and scalp. The sebum production is influenced by genetic factors and hormones. Even as it turns out, the hormone responsible for the occurrence of surges of sebum production during puberty, which will cause you to have lots of greasy hair and acne.

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Do I need to use a shampoo twice when washing hair?

If you spend time outdoors or use a lot of styling products, using shampoo twice when washing hair can help eliminate the piles of dirt. However, if you wash your hair almost every day, then just once is enough, because the usage too much shampoo removes the natural oils that protect the hair and makes hair more easily damaged.

The more rarely you do hair care, rarely you also have to wash your hair.

If you ever know someone who has a nice hair but she rarely shampooing? You can also know as such. According to experts, most of the shampoo contains a formula that can reduce natural moisture to hair. Even so, cleaning substances pollutants attached to the hair also needs to be done.

So, if you typically are not fond of doing hair styling of the hair, it’s good to reduce Your shampooing schedules each week.

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So, How often should I wash my hair?

It depends on the type of hair.

Dry Hair.

If the hair is not oily or tend to dry, simply wash the hair 2-3 times a week. Dry hair should be cleaned a maximum of twice a week use shampoo containing sulfate-free surfactants and moisturizers (glycerine and sodium PCA) reduces the dehydration that can work on hair.

Oily hair.

For oily hair, you need to wash it every day.

Thick, curly, or tend to dry.

If your hair is thick, curly or tend to dry, then wash your hair only once a week.

Thin Hair.

Women with thin hair that usually have a smoother texture. Recent studies reveal that the hairs that are thin and delicate tend to absorb more oil than other hair types. Therefore, it is recommended you wash your thin hair with shampoo more often than the dry hair namely three times in a week.


If we apply hair with cream or hair styling products, hence the need to wash your hair more frequently.

Product buildup on the hair cause it to become limp and dry because it needs to be frequently cleaned.

When our hair often uses styling products such as blow or vise, should be washed more frequently so that the hair is not damaged.

The pattern of exercise.

Do we exercise every day?

If Yes, wash your hair in order to pile up a sweat. Sweat becomes the deciding factor here. Because sweat will spread the sebum in the hair that is causing the smell is not delicious and make dirty hair..

We recommend that you wash the hair quickly after exercising.

Thank you very much for reading How often should I wash my hair, hopefully useful.

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