The sensation of rotating space, the head feels floating, and the vomiting that you experience due to vertigo can make you feel helpless. Relax, there are many options of vertigo […]

Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS) refers to physical disorders which lead to a decline in mental function. OBS more commonly inflicted on seniors. OBS is not an inevitable part of aging, […]

Dementia or a decrease in brain function, one of which was marked by a decrease in memory can not be considered trivial. Because the disease is not only a physical […]

Every nerve and the motion of the human body is regulated by the brain. The brain is a vital organ that belongs to a human being. When the brain healthy, […]

Neuropathy is a general term used for conditions associated with impaired nerve function. The neuropathy means nerve damage, these conditions could include a very wide┬ádiscussion of the topic. Existing nerves […]