Diphtheria symptoms
Diphtheria Symptoms

Diphtheria Symptoms to Look Out for

Diphtheria Symptoms to Look Out for – Children are stricken with diphtheria initially showed symptoms of fever. However, the fever on diphtheria body temperature is not as high as influenza. It is that makes a child feel himself was not sick. In addition, children also feel pain in the throat. This condition makes him so lazy to eat. If the child is delivered a complaint like this, suggested for parents asking child opens his mouth. If you see there is white in the throat, must be careful.

The presence of the white membranes in the throat is the typical symptoms of diphtheria. This white membrane appeared about two days after contracting Corynebacterium diphtheriae. If not immediately treated, the white membrane makes the child’s airway obstructed. When not immediately got help the child could die.

Diphtheria germs can also exist in the nose that causes the child to become a cold but bloody. In addition, the smell was not odor.

If you find the above symptoms, parents should immediately bring the child to a health care facility, health centers, clinics, or hospitals. In addition, other family members should also be examined whether contracting diphtheria or not. Here’s how by taking a sample of the lining in the throat. After checking in the laboratory can be known already Contracting Corynebacterium diphtheriae germs or not.

Checking on other family members needs to be done considering diphtheria is a highly contagious disease. Transmission through splashing saliva when sneezing or coughing.

Why is it so contagious? Compared with typhus. Typhus is infectious, but through food. If food means passing the stomach first, bacteria that get into the stomach is shut down by stomach acid. If the amount is a lot of then enter the into the intestine. There is a barrier. If diphtheria, the germs fly (through the air) and then we immediately breathe.

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