Can mosquitoes spread hiv
Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV

Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV? Here are 3 Explanation

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Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV? Still, many people wonder about how the actual spread of HIV virus causes AIDS, including the time of this virus survives outside the body.

The World Health Organization has ensured that the HIV virus cannot last a long time outside the body, and it cannot replicate without the human body.

But there is no single answer to the question of How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body, because it depends on the viral fluid.

Please be aware, only certain bodily fluids, including se**men, blood, vagi**nal fluid, and breast milk, can carry HIV.

While the answer to the HIV survival time is outside of the body, it is clear that HIV can only survive on liquids and certain bodily conditions.

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Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV?

HIV is a disease that affects the immunity of one’s body. The name of the disease is derived from the name of the virus that caused it, human immunodeficiency virus.

Specifically, HIV attacks one of the immune cells called CD4. When the cells are destroyed by HIV, the body will be increasingly difficult to fight infection.

Keep in mind, the number of CD4 cells is normalized at a range of 500 to 1400 cells per cubic millimeter. When the number of CD4 cells falls to below 200 cells per cubic millimeter, the disease will develop into AIDS.

In addition to unprotected se**xual intercourse, HIV can also be transmitted through blood. From this principle comes a presumption that the mosquitoes that have been sucking the blood of people with HIV can transmit the disease to the person who was bitten afterwards.

So, Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV?

The answer is short, until now there is no medical fact, says that mosquito bites can transmit HIV. Mosquito bites can transmit various diseases, such as dengue fever, malaria, or Chikungunya, but not HIV or AIDS.

According to experts, insects like mosquitoes do not “inject” the blood of people or animals that they previously bite. In addition, there are some experts who say that the HIV virus can be in the mosquito body. However, this virus can only last a short time.

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Here is the explanation:

Mosquitoes cannot get HIV

Mosquitoes can not be the cause of HIV, hence their bite may not be the cause of HIV AIDS for humans.

In the human body, the deadly virus infects the body by attaching the receptors on the surface of the immune cells, which is what makes the HIV AIDS a real cause. The Virus then infects the cells in the body, replicates, and spreading.

Meanwhile, the receptor in question is very lacking in mosquitoes. The Virus was just broke and ended up digested in the mosquito stomach. Mosquitoes are not infected with HIV / AIDS, and it is not possible for humans to have HIV AIDS after being bitten by mosquitoes.

The way mosquitoes bite humans

Can mosquitoes spread hiv - explanation
Can Mosquitoes Spread HIV? Here are 3 Explanation 2

The mosquitoes had a trunk divided into two tubes. The first tube is used to suck human blood, while the second tube is used to inject saliva into the bite.

What you need to know is the fact that when mosquitoes suck your blood, the mosquitoes do not inject the last bloody victim. So, no other person’s blood enters your body.

So because of this, mosquito bites cannot be used as the cause of HIV / AIDS, because what they spread to you is saliva, not blood.

It takes a lot of bites

If mosquitoes can get HIV AIDS and can transmit it with the bite to humans, they need a bite very much.

Based on a study by Ahmed Tabbabi in Tunisia, you must be bitten by a total of 10 million times by mosquitoes until the cause of HIV AIDS.

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