difference in between HIV and AIDS
difference in between HIV and AIDS

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The difference in between HIV and AIDS – Many people often still ambiguous in distinguishing HIV and AIDS. Confusion regarding this understanding then creates the perception, people with HIV is definitely affected by AIDS. Or, people with HIV can just wait for the time to die.

People with HIV can still live a normal life and pursue their dreams, as long as they receive prompt and appropriate treatment. HIV does not always end up with AIDS, but people with AIDS has certainly got the HIV virus.

HIV is a type of virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) that attacks the human immune system. The virus invades the T cell, which is one part of the white blood cells that play a role in the immune system, when there are pathogenic germs that get into the body, including viruses and diseases.

When a T cell is damaged, then the body will lose the ability to recognize viruses and bacteria that get into the body. Meanwhile, AIDS is a condition that arises due to the destruction of the body’s defense system because of the HIV virus. So, people with AIDS is a person afflicted by the HIV virus. The time span for HIV turned into AIDS is very relative, depending of treatment and speed of handling.

The life expectancy of people with HIV can be like normal people, if handled and get the right treatment.


ARVS are the drugs used to inhibit the activity of HIV virus so that the body of people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) have the opportunity to build the immune system. If the immune system of PEOPLE LIVING with HIV is good, the body is able to fight off the infections that come up, so they have a good quality of life and a longer life expectancy.

With the good and true treatment, then it is possible that PEOPLE LIVING with HIV have a spouse who is not the PEOPLE LIVING with HIV, and does not transmit. Likewise mothers with PEOPLE LIVING with HIV can give birth to children who are not HIV-infected.

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The difference in between HIV and AIDS

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