Best workout mask
Best Workout Mask

Best Workout Mask: Definition, 5 Types, and How To Choose It

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that still continues to this day make workout masks sought after by many people. You’re certainly worried about getting infected if you exercise outdoors, right? However, if you use a sports mask, the worry will diminish. Air pollution, dust, and viruses won’t come close either.

In this article, we will give you tips on choosing the best workout mask especially for you.

What is a workout mask?

Exercise is an activity that everyone should do to make their body fitter and healthier. You can do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. There are also many exercise options, ranging from jogging, yoga, workout, skipping, to race walking.

When doing exercises indoors, of course you do not need to use a workout mask. Otherwise, if you do exercise in the open, you need to wear a mask to protect against viruses, air pollution, and unpleasant odors.

Before COVID-19 hit, many cyclists used masks to avoid pollution. However, after this new normal, many people wear masks for jogging, race walking, or simply walking around the house. Unlike regular masks, workout masks have several advantages, which are more breathable, have filters, and are convenient for exercise.

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How to choose the best workout mask?

Before purchasing a workout mask, we recommend that you know how to choose it first. There are four important points to note: the material used, the type of mask, the availability of filters, and the size.

Pay attention to the mask material

On the market, the materials used to make workout masks are very diverse. However, there are two materials that are often used, namely cotton and non-woven. Well, what are the advantages of both materials? 

Cotton fabric, easy to wash without compromising quality

If you want a washable and reusable workout mask, opt for a cotton product. This material has a soft, light, and cool texture when used. As a result, despite the use of masks, outdoor exercise activities remain comfortable and exciting.

In addition, masks made of cotton fabric are one of the best materials to protect against viruses. The reason is that cotton fabric has small fibers so that even viral particles cannot penetrate into the mask.

Non-woven, often used in disposable masks

If the cotton mask is reusable, different from the mask made of non-woven material. This material is made of long or short fibers (staples) and it is often used to make surgical masks. Because the manufacture is not woven, this mask is also breathable. Non-woven masks are also disposable masks that are guaranteed to be hygienic.

Adjust the mask type with workout activities

How to choose the best workout mask
Best Workout Mask: Definition, 5 Types, and How To Choose It 2

A mask that is good for light exercise, is a cloth mask and a surgical mask. Meanwhile, if you are going to do high intensity exercise, a mask with air ventilation is highly recommended.

  • Cloth and surgical masks, for low to moderate intensity exercise
  • Mask with air ventilation, for high intensity exercise.

Check filter availability

On average, all types of workout masks have special filters. If the surgical mask has 3–4 layers of filter that become one, the cloth mask usually has a special bag that can be tucked into the tissue as a filter. On the other hand, masks with air vents have more sophisticated filters such as rechargeable air filters.

The function of filters on masks is to prevent droplets and protect against dust, viruses, air pollution, and more. Masks with pm 2.5 description are able to provide maximum protection against particles scattered in the air.

A mask with an active carbon coating alone can protect the nose from unpleasant odors. Meanwhile, if the carbon active layer is added with nano silver, the mask will be able to protect against pollution, bacteria, and viruses. However, filters need to be changed regularly. So, in addition to paying attention to the availability of filters, you also need to diligently replace them in order for the mask to function optimally.

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Make sure it fits your face

Another point that is no less important is choosing the size of a workout mask that fits your face. When the selected mask is too large, it can’t protect you from droplets to air pollution. So, you should make sure the mask you want to wear can cover your nose, mouth and chin perfectly.

On the market, many offer workout masks of standard size or older person size in general. Some masks also have sizes in S, M, and L units with different details. For that, if you buy it through an online shop, check out the buyer’s review first or ask the admin directly.

Best Workout Mask Types

Here are the types of masks that you can use during exercise in public spaces:

Cotton bandana

Exercise by wearing a face mask does make you uncomfortable. But, this can be overcome by using this one mask.

The cotton bandana does not cause a sensation of heat and it is quite comfortable. In addition, the lightweight fabric also feels soft when it comes into contact with the skin, so there is no risk of blisters when using.

Buff Headwear

Although impressed as one of the biker accessories, buff can also be one of the alternative options. With an easy-to-wash material, buff also has SPF protection that can keep your skin from sun exposure.

Buff’s not easy to stretch either. Plus, its high absorption is an added value because it is able to absorb sweat quite well.

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Other types

  • Two-layer fabric mask.
  • Cotton scarf mask.
  • Wire mask.

Thank you very much for reading Best Workout Mask: Definition, Types, and How To Choose It, hopefully useful.

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