Best music for studying and concentration
Best music for studying and concentration

Best music for studying and concentration

Everyone has a different way while learning. Some need a quiet moment while, but some are listening to music while learning because it felt more able to concentrate. Is really learn while listening to music more effectively? If Yes, what makes the music could bring the effect of sharpening the brain for thinking functions of the dead brain? Check out the full review here, the best music for studying and concentration.

Learning is an activity trigger stress.

Learning activities often associated with stress. Unconsciously, the body will respond to the stress by producing various stress hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. An increase in stress hormones in the body makes the heart rate increases, so you feel heart beat, breathing faster and shorter, tense body muscles, blood pressure rises, easy to anxious, difficult to think clearly. This is familiar with “side effects” of study.

Well, listening to music can help relieve the stress arising from the study so that you can focus more to understand the content of the text to be learned or memorized. Read about Benefits of stress on the body.

Listen to music while learning to improve memory.

The sound of the music we hear begins with the vibration of sound waves that enter the eardrum and passed into the inner ear. In the inner ear, sound waves are captured by hair cells contained in the cochlea to be converted into electrical signals.. It was only then that the sound signals transmitted by nerve fibers of the ear to the brain to be processed into electrical signals and translates into sound you hear.

Don’t stop until there. At the same time, electrical signals then spread to different parts of the brain. First, this electrical signal to the brain’s temporal part that works to process data to understand the language (so that you understand what the meaning of the lyrics) and regulate emotions.

This electrical signal is also flowing into the hypothalamus of the brain, the place of hormone production as well as a regulator of blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. When responding to an electrical signal, the hypothalamus immediately work on improving the happy mood of dopamine while lowering the hormone cortisol.

That is why all kinds of stress symptoms that accompany you while learning may gradually subside as long as you listen to music. A study even mentions that a release of dopamine can trigger the brain to activate the receptors in the brain that awards can increase your motivation to learn.

The nerves of the brain were more active when you listen to music. Because, the electrical signal can simultaneously stimulate relations between both sides of the brain (left and right) and activate the area of the brain associated with emotional, cognitive processes, and memory. In short, listening to music while learning can improve mood and associated with increased cognitive functioning of the brain, especially memory.

A study showed that participants who were asked to listen to music while learning shows that academic performance is superior to a group of students who requested study in a noisy room. Although these two conditions equally noisy atmosphere, but studied while listening to music proved to make the brain more focus to one task while blocking the noisy sounds from around which have nothing to do with you or your work.

Best music for studying and concentration

What kind of music is suitable for listening while learning?

Mozart’s classical music is called the most powerful musical genre to improve brain intelligence.. In reality, this is not always the case. There has been no research that really proves it definitively. The proven theory is only limited to the sound of a more stable music with a volume that is not too hard, regardless of whatever the genre.

The benefits of listening to music will be more effective if the musical genre adapted to the activity performed. Take for example, the music contains positive lyrics matched to motivate learning and trigger the spirit when the body is tired. While the slow-moving music is suited to concentrate the mind in order to stay focused because it gives a more soothing effect.

Thank you very much for reading Best music for studying and concentration, hopefully useful.

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