Best blood pressure app for android
Best Blood Pressure App For Android

8 Best Blood Pressure App For Android

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Best Blood Pressure App For Android – The Sphygmomanometer or human blood pressure gauge was first created by the German physiologist Karl von Vierordt in the 1800 ‘s. At that time, Sphygmomanometer was made using a cuffs wrap and continued to experience a variety of evolution and shape.

Generally, today we want to have blood pressure checked, the medical officer or the doctor will use a complete Sphygmomanometer set. Among its parts are plastic bag wrapped cloth that is quite thick and can expand when filled with air. After flipping the cloth on the upper arm, the medical officer will pump by squeezing a balloon pump to drain the air into the cuff.

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Best Blood Pressure App For Android

Blood Pressure

The first Best Blood Pressure App For Android is Blood Pressure App.

Blood pressure application helps in controlling blood pressure and enhances method of dealing with hypertension.

With it you can easily save and analyze all of their blood pressure measurements.

It also results in additional information needed for proper treatment of arterial hypertension, which can directly send a physician on a specially generated report.

Main Features:

  • Very easy to use user interface
  • Save blood pressure measurements
  • Edit and update measurement
  • Explaining the Measurements:
    • Tags-write short descriptions and use them repeatedly
    • Date and time of blood pressure measurement
    • The values of blood pressure-systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight
    • Description
  • Support for multiple users.
  • Interactive Graphs visualize trends in blood pressure
  • Statistics: Pressure Heart Rate, MAP-Medium arterial pressure, blood pressure indicator, average blood pressure
  • Export Data to a file:
    • CSV
    • XML
    • PDF-Detailed report
  • Reminders for measuring blood pressure
  • Filter-Endless possibilities in your hands. Decide what application data will show blood pressure, analyze or export!
  • Appearance-Customize the look of the app to your needs

iCare Health Monitor

In addition to detecting heart rate, the application can also be used to measure blood pressure, as well as measure the respiratory rate of the body. Inside also there is a sports menu and also a diet that can be chosen to maintain your weight.

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If the application is focused on monitoring heart health. The advantage is the Multiple Profiles feature which allows for multiple users on one app. So, you can check the heart health of all family members.

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

With this application you can check the condition of heart after doing various activities. Starting from walking, heavy sports, or even after lifting heavy items. Its development is displayed in a graph that is easy to understand making it very easy to use.

Heart Rate Monitor

The way this application works is not much different from the previous application, which is to measure the heartbeat by checking the blood rate through the index finger attached to the camera. Uniquely, if other applications can only use the rear camera, this application can make use of the front camera also.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor & Pulse Checker

Equally measuring your heart rate, but the app can help you figure out the heart conditions at normal, painful, and stressful. For heart detection results can also be uploaded and in the analysis can then be compared with the detection results in the previous week or month.

SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker

Best blood pressure app for android - smartbp

SmartBP is a simple, easy to use, blood pressure management tool.

With an overall goal of improving your blood pressure, SmartBP allows you to:

  • Record your Blood Pressure measurements.
  • Track Your Progress and Analyze Results.
  • Share Reports.
  • Set Reminders.
  • Access anywhere, anytime.


Track your blood pressure and weight-related data with Qardio, the easiest-to-use and most versatile app for Android devices. Qardio lets you choose the more liked way to create the most advanced health journal: Enter your blood pressure or weight data manually, transfer data from other applications such as MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Samsung Health or sync it automatically by using one of Qardio’s awards-winning devices.

View graphs, set reminders and share your data with the touch of a button. Qardio App is packed with features that make health tracking easy and actionable. And it’s completely FREE.

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