Anti nausea medicines
Anti Nausea Medicines

3 Anti Nausea Medicines For Pregnant Women and Natural Anti Nausea Medicine

Anti Nausea Medicine For Pregnant Women and Natural Anti Nausea Medicine – Nausea can come to anyone at any time. You may feel very nauseous and want to vomit at very inappropriate times. For example, that nausea comes when it will do something important. For that, you need a powerful nausea drug to relieve that feeling quickly.

Before, you should know the cause of the nausea. Although the feeling seems similar, the treatment and medication for nausea can be different.

Causes People Can Experience Nausea and Want to Vomit

  1. Increase in stomach acid
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Fever
  4. Headaches
  5. Flatulence
  6. Dizziness and vertigo
  7. Drug Side Effects
  8. Pregnant
  9. Travel sickness
  10. Drinking too much alco**hol.

Actually, everything can be passed by drinking water and lying down. Unfortunately, there are some nauseas that don’t seem to disappear immediately afterwards. It needs an even more potent nausea medication.

Anti nausea medicine for pregnancy

Although it looks good, nausea in pregnancy should also be prevented. Especially if nausea and vomiting make you completely unwilling to eat and unable to digest essential nutrients. This condition is called hyperemesis gravidarum and it is at risk of causing pregnant women to lack fluid until she has electrolyte disorders that harm the fetus.

The use of anti-nausea drugs is quite recommended. As long as you have consulted with a doctor first, because there are many brands and variants of anti-nausea and vomiting drugs with different doses, and reduce their use if nausea has decreased.

Prevent nausea and vomiting by avoiding foods and aromas that can trigger nausea. Get used to eating with small portions, but often compared to eating large portions directly.

Vitamin B6 and Doxylamine

One of Anti Nausea Medicine is Vitamin B6 and Doxylamine.

One of the causes of the onset of nausea is due to a lack of intake of vitamin B6. Therefore, the administration of nausea medication for pregnant women in the form of vitamin B6 is often done by doctors. If necessary, vitamin B6 is also combined with doxylamine, which helps reduce nausea.

Vitamin consumption should be during the day after meals. Vitamin B6 should only be consumed once a day, with a measure of no more than 75 milligrams.

In fact, food sources high in vitamin B6 can also be consumed to reduce nausea. Among them are milk, eggs, spinach, carrots, and salmon.


This nausea drug for pregnant women is a gastrointestinal smoothing drug that also helps reduce nausea. Metoclopramide will also encourage food to quickly switch from the stomach to the intestines.

Consumption of Metoclopramide as a nausea drug for pregnant women should only be about 10 to 15 milligrams once taken, taken during 30 minutes before meals, and not consumed more than 12 weeks.

After taking nausea medication for this pregnant woman, you should rest. Don’t do heavy work that drains both physical and mind energy.


Antihistamines such as meclizine, dimenhydrinate, and diphenhydramine have functioned as allergy drugs and nausea medications for young pregnant women. The use of this drug should be stopped immediately if nausea has started to improve, should not be more than 2 weeks.

The recommended dose is usually only 25 milligrams once a drink, taken 6 times a day. However, of course, this dosage can differ depending on the doctor’s analysis and policy. Antihistamines can also be combined with anticholinergic drugs.

The effects of drowsiness may be felt after taking this nausea medication. Therefore, take a short break after drinking it.

Natural Anti Nausea Medicine

Natural anti nausea medicine
3 Anti Nausea Medicines For Pregnant Women and Natural Anti Nausea Medicine 2


Ginger is a natural herbal remedy that is believed to overcome various symptoms of diseases such as nausea, vomiting, colds, and common colds. Based on research, natural compounds of ginger have a similar way of working with anti nausea drugs.

Ginger has also long been used to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women and people after chemotherapy treatment or surgery. Ginger as a vomiting and nausea drug is also considered to have no more severe side effects than medical drugs.

You can process ginger into ginger tea or ginger milk in daily doses. Ginger has the effect of warming and calming the stomach.


Based on research conducted on 100 pregnant women, inhaling essential oils of lemon and almonds can relieve nausea effectively. At the end of the study on day 4, nausea symptoms decreased by up to 9%.

Lemon or citrus aroma also has a soothing aromatherapy effect and it is associated as an active agent to help relieve nausea in a variety of conditions.


Some types of spices are believed to be home-made treatments to cope with nausea and vomiting, such as:

  • Fennel Powder: Its natural content is used to treat nausea, vomiting, and reduce symptoms of menstrual pain.
  • Cinnamon: Relieves nausea and pain during menstruation.
  • Cumin Extract: A natural remedy for overcoming abdominal pain, pain, constipation, diarrhea, as well as nausea and vomiting.

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All three types of spices are believed to be herbal remedies, but more research needs to be done to prove its benefits medically.

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