Health benefits of garlic
Health benefits of garlic

9 Health benefits of garlic

Although you often encounter in everyday life, who would have thought that garlic brought the amazing benefits that You may have never thought of before. The spices that are often used in Asian recipes apparently can also serve as a treatment of various health problems, as it has been practiced in China for centuries ago. Then, what are its benefits? Here are the following Health benefits of garlic.

Health benefits of garlic

  • Relieves sore throats.

Smooth or finely chopped garlic is the ideal way to overcome the symptoms of strep throat. This is because the compound contained in it is antibacterial as well as an antiviral. However, you should not boil it because garlic is cooked is feared will lose the usefulness to heal. In order to help increase its effectiveness, mashed or cut the garlic before it is consumed. Before drinking, mix first with hot water or herbal tea. In addition, you can also combine the juice of lemon for added flavor.

  • Stabilize blood pressure.

Over the years, a component of garlic is believed to reduce tension by reducing the possibility of clogging of blood vessels. According to an institution that takes care of the reserved herbs and drugs in California, United States, eating one clove of raw garlic every day can help overcome the symptoms of high blood pressure. As a side note, garlic is widely used in Germany as part of the treatment of high blood pressure. And over the years in China, these ingredients have also been utilized as an antihypertensive drug.

  • Neutralize the toxins in the body.

Want to naturally detoxify the body? Garlic may could be the ideal answer. According to some researchers, this kitchen spice contains a number of components which serve to remove a variety of toxins as well as being able to eliminate some of the harmful chemical components in your body.

  • Improve the digestive system.

According to Dr. Simran Saini, a nutritionist from India, consumption of garlic can help to keep your digestion are always smooth and free of problems. He suggested to eat raw garlic by biting it first in order to extract. After that, you have to swallow it whole with the help of drinking water.

  • As the anticancer substances.

Although it still needs to be studied further, a number of research carried out on 41 thousand women have concluded the benefits of garlic for preventing colon cancer. But a study found that garlic intake, such as onion and garlic on a daily menu turned out to be able to protect you from the threat of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, breast, and uterus, and even cancer of the kidney. The sulfur compounds in garlic also stated was able to take control of carcinogens that can lower the risk of a person exposed to the deadly disease by as much as 35 percent.

  • Lowering bad cholesterol.

At least as much as 28 studies that reliably has declared reserved garlic’s ability to suppress cholesterol levels if taken regularly. In a study in Germany, the participants who take tablets with 80 milligrams of garlic extract for four consecutive months claimed that their cholesterol could continue to decline by up to as much as 12 percent.

  • Prevent diabetes.

Garlic is claimed to be able to normalize blood sugar levels in the body so this one spice is quite well known for its ability to avoid diabetes. Garlic is one of Foods to eat to control blood sugar levels.

  • Improve the immunity of the body.

Was not feeling well before the transition season? Boost your immunity with a concoction of three crushed garlic cloves. Then, mix it with honey to taste to make it more tasty and so it was not too strong scent. Drink as much once or up to three times a day so that you are not susceptible to the flu.

  • Nourish the heart.

In addition to lowering the risk of heart attack, garlic is believed to benefit the cardiovascular system as well as blood circulation thanks to allicin and sulfur compounds.

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9 Health benefits of garlic

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