Tips To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

5 Tips to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy!


If you’re a coffee-lover or a person on a coffee diet, then you have come to the right place! We all know that eating unhealthy is harmful, and thus, we try to eat healthily. But there are times when it’s hard to do so. In this article, I have written 5 tips for you to make your coffee super healthy.

  1. Avoid adding sugar

This technique will appear obvious, but you will be shocked to know that how many famous types of coffee are full of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

For instance, a chai tea latte that can be found at a famous coffee shop that should not be told consists of up to 15 grams of sugar than a single Snickers bar has! Nowadays, less obvious types of sweetened coffee might be full of extra sugar or artificial sweeteners. A coffee name salted caramel mocha surprises your bloodstream with 56 grams of sugar.

To note the fact, WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that adults should take 25 grams or less of sugar each day. An unhealthy daily decision when it comes to the coffee and you will say “Hello!” to 10 or 5 more pounds in a month.

Another example is that a normal Frappuccino can be of 66 grams of sugar! Drinking coffee simple black is a great way to prevent all these issues. But here you will see some delicious tips to make your coffee yummier.

In case you can’t go fully black with the coffee, add a small amount of stevia in it. This decision isn’t 100 percent perfect, but it is better than taking refined sugar and those artificial sweeteners that can be normally found in most of the cups. You can also use organic maple syrup or coconut sugar. But you should add a very small amount. Don’t overdo it!

  1. Avoid Artificial Creamers
Avoid Artificial Creamers
5 Tips To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy! 1

Just as bad as those artificial sweeteners, the artificial creamers are filled with a large variety of things you may not want your body to take in a daily routine. So, a large majority of artificial creamers are created with trans fats (hydrogenated oils) and corn syrup solids.

You can make your coffee better by adding some real cream in it. That means grass-fed and organic. A cream like this could be bought at all big healthy food stores.

  1. Use filtered water and organic beans

Coffee has 99 percent of water and if that water is dirty, the coffee will be unhealthy too. Make sure you include high-quality ingredients and it will become the best coffee ever. Do the same for beans, always go for the organic beans!

For better results, use drip coffee machine.

  1. Add Cocoa to Your Coffee.
Add Cocoa to Your Coffee
5 Tips To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy! 2

You can add a little bit amount of cocoa into your coffee. Don’t worry just mix a little amount of unsweetened cocoa into the coffee. It is actually good for you if you like chocolate a lot. Cocoa has its own benefits.  It lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease.

  1. Take Black Coffee in Morning.

Lastly, back coffee helps greatly in weight loss! If you want to get fit, black coffee is best for you. Take it daily without sugar and see the amazing results really soon.

Take Black Coffee in Morning
5 Tips To Make Your Coffee Super Healthy! 3

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team