Weber and rinne test
Weber and Rinne Test

Weber and Rinne Test: Benefits, Procedure and Result

Weber and Rinne test is the examination to find out the hearing loss. The test will help to determine if someone has sensorineural or conductive hearing lost. The doctor will come up with proper treatment after knowing the type of hearing loss you have. In this article we are going to discuss about this hearing loss test.


Rinne test will evaluate the condition by comparing the bone conduction with air conduction. Meanwhile, the Weber test is just another way to figure out the hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when the sound waves are not able to enter the middle ear to get through the inner ear. The causes are such as:

  • Ear infection;
  • Earwax buildup;
  • Puncture in the eardrum;
  • Trapped fluid in middle ear;
  • Small bones fractured in the middle ear.

Weber and Rinne test will be used by a doctor to evaluate your hearing condition. Knowing the condition in earlier stage will give you more options for recovery. If it is left untreated then it could lead to total healing loss.

Benefits of Weber and Rinne test

Doctors love to use this test because it is pretty simple and easy to perform. Besides, this test is like the first step to identify the hearing problems. Other than that, the test will also reveal the cause of the loss itself. The causes of hearing loss are such as but not limited to:

  • Perforation in eardrum;
  • Wax build up in the ear canal;
  • Trapped fluid in middle ear;
  • Otosclerosis;
  • Ear’s verve injury.

The procedure

Weber and rinne test
Weber and Rinne Test

To perform the Weber test, the doctor will strike a tuning fork and put it in the middle of the head. After that, you can note where you can hear the best sound in one of the sides or both sides.

Rinne test will require the doctor to strike the tuning fork in the mastoid bone. When the sound cannot be heard anymore, you can tell the doctor. The doctor will note how long you can hear the sound perfectly to figure out the problem.

The side effects

Basically, there is no side effect of this test. After the test, the doctor will discuss the result with you to decide the best treatment for your condition. The doctor will also give you the option to perform further test to find out the more specific causes and treatments. Treatment and cure will be available according to your hearing loss condition. So, this is all about Weber and Rinne test.

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