Vitamin c cream benefits
Vitamin C Cream Benefits

Vitamin C Cream Benefits

Vitamin C is more often we talk about when it comes to the topic of the prevention of disease. In fact, the benefits of this vitamin are also very great for skin health and beauty. For centuries, women have always found a way to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C for skin. In Tibet, during the reign of the Tang dynasty, women who want to prevent the signs of aging skin rubbing the seeds of the sea buckthorn on their face and hands.

The plant a kind of berry that turns golden orange is a great source of vitamin C. Another plant that is also used in skin beauty in ancient times was the rose seeds reportedly contain vitamin C 20 times higher than citrus fruit. It is not surprising if a century ago, Native Americans make a paste or dough made from rose petals to moisturize and heal wounds in the skin.

Vitamin C Cream Benefits

Here are the vitamin C cream benefits:

Increase collagen production.

The greatest vitamin C cream benefits for skin health is the ability to help the formation of collagen. The vitamin C cream contains Ascorbic acid, which is a major key to produce collagen as protein to make the skin stay healthy and not easy to slack. Along with collagen, elastin will keep skin stay healthy. Collagen is produced elasticity and strength of the skin, while elastin produces flexibility.

A lack of collagen will make the skin look dull. Collagen can rejuvenate the skin from within, thus preventing wrinkles and slow the aging process.

Protection from the sun.

In those who are often exposed to the Sun the skin becomes more Brown due to the formation of the pigment. That is why treatment for skin that is often exposed to sunlight and pollution should be more intense than usual.

Vitamin C cream protects the skin from free radicals and other harmful substances. The content of antioxidants in vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and exposure to sunlight.

Actually the way the spread is also proven to effectively deliver the active substances in cosmetic products into the skin. Some research also suggests vitamin C cream has a significant effect of repairing skin damage due to sunlight.

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