Vegetables to reduce anxiety
Vegetables to reduce anxiety

Vegetables to reduce anxiety

Anxiety attack very probably struck people in this modern era. And if the thoughts that cause a sense of excess anxiety can make your life become more difficult to enjoy. Anxiety will suck your energy, distract You from the real life, and make a nerves always strained. 

However, there are some things that can help Your anxiety attacks. Like sports, for example. Enough rest. And of course, talk with the therapist. However, the food you consume can also help reduce anxiety. Certain nutrients can affect chemical reactions in the brain and help you bounce back from anxiety . The following is a short list of vegetables which must be in the fridge or your kitchen when anxiety strikes, List of vegetables to reduce anxiety.

Vegetables to reduce anxiety


Of the many vegetables have many benefits for the body, broccoli is a vegetable that is not to be missed. Broccoli is a lifesaver. Broccoli is one of Vegetables to reduce anxiety. The vegetable starts working when it is digested in the small intestine. After flowing into the large intestine, fiber of broccoli works and make short-chain fatty acids. Thus, healthy intestinal bacteria predominate, and it increases the intestinal health and immunity.

Bowel health is very important because of the huge influence not only on our digestive functions, but also on the mood and brain function; and can also affect the weight and the potential for joint pain. Although bowel health known beneficial to the health of the stomach, the relationship between a healthy intestinal bacteria and a healthy mind is relatively new.

According to the Harvard University Medical School, a person’s stomach or intestinal disorders due to anxiety, stress, or depression occur because the brain and the gastrointestinal system are closely linked. If unhealthy eating patterns, the connection will appear. However, consumption of foods like broccoli bowel health can lower risk of mental health problems.

Broccoli also provides many other benefits on heart health, eye health, cancer prevention, and reduction of cholesterol, according to previous research.


When you experience stress, your blood pressure will rise. Spinach can help you in that regard. The high magnesium content of spinach, a substance that plays an important role in regulating and lowering blood pressure naturally. Magnesium deficiency is known to correlate with anxiety and depression.

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