Treatment for strep throat
Treatment For Strep Throat

Treatment For Strep Throat: Apply These 6 Natural Remedies Without Chemical Drugs

Treatment For Strep Throat – Strep throat is a disease that sounds trivial, but often affects children and older persons. Not infrequently this disease is treated with home ingredients. Our ancestors, even had a way of treating strep throat with herbal recipes that lasted a matter of centuries.

Strep throat is usually a term commonly used by ordinary people to refer to the symptoms of a sore throat. Not all cases of sore throat can be called inflammation. Strep throat is usually more caused by streptococcus bacterial infection or tonsillitis, which is inflammation caused by a viral infection.

Most cases of strep throat are early symptoms of the flu and can be cured with natural ingredients in a relatively short period of time. But some shows more serious symptoms and need professional medical treatment.

Treatment For Strep Throat

A strep throat can make you feel uncomfortable because it feels itchy, dry, painful when swallowing. But usually this pain will go away on its own. If the strep throat does not improve, you can immediately do treatment.

There are two types of inflammatory treatment that can be done to relieve the pain, namely home remedies and the consumption of strep throat drugs in pharmacies. Here are some things you can do to treat your pain and shorten its duration:

  • Gargle with a mixture of warm water and half of a teaspoon of salt.
  • Drink warm water, such as hot tea with honey, warm water with lemon, herbal tea, and soup broth.
  • Avoid smo**king.
  • Often drink water.
  • Throat relief herbal lozenge.
  • Rest the voice until the throat improves.

Natural Strep Throat Remedies


Honey becomes one of the natural remedies to relieve strep throat. Honey has antibacterial content that can fight strep throat infections.

You only need to drink a honey solution water every day until strep throat heals. By using honey, you can also treat cough that often afflicts at any time.


No different from honey, tea can also treat strep throat pain. You can drink tea with a mixture of ginger or mixed with honey as a way to treat strep throat.


Garlic has a powerful antibacterial to fight infections such as flu and inflammation. To consume garlic as a strep throat medicine can be mixed with tea, eaten directly or with a mixture of cuisine.

Increase The Consumption of Water

Please note that consuming fluids, especially water, can relieve pain due to strep throat. Especially if you need warm water.

When fluids are lacking, the body cannot produce enough saliva and mucus to keep the throat moist. This can cause swelling and make the inflammation worse.

By drinking plenty of water, mucous membranes will remain moist and work better in fighting bacteria and irritants.

Consumption of Lemon Water

One way to cure strep throat and canker sores without medication is to squeeze lemon water. Lemon is high in antioxidants and also vitamin C that can relieve inflammation and canker sores.

The astringent content present in lemon water can help reduce swelling in the throat tissue and create an acidic environment that can eradicate viruses and bacteria that cause irritation.

The trick is to mix 1 teaspoon of lemon water with a cup of warm water. It can also be by squeezing lemon and adding a little honey to relieve inflammation in the throat.

Using apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is acidic and can help eradicate bacteria in the throat, while helping to relieve a strep throat.

This method is also believed to be able to help loosen sputum that has the potential to irritate the throat.

To use it as a mouthwash, mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 250 ml of water.

We can also combine it with 1 teaspoon of salt to give the function of mouthwash from vinegar.


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