Every nerve and the motion of the human body is regulated by the brain. The brain is a vital organ that belongs to a human being. When the brain healthy, […]

Everyone has a different way while learning. Some need a quiet moment while, but some are listening to music while learning because it felt more able to concentrate. Is really […]

Vertigo comes from the word Vetere in Greece means spinning or twisting. Vertigo or dizziness is a situation where the head felt dizzy and objects around us as spinning or floating, though actually only silence. Here are The Tips How To Cure Vertigo Fast

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness on one side of the muscles in the face that is temporary. This condition causes one side of the face will look “sag”. […]

The sense of lightheadedness is a feeling like you’re going to faint, the dizzy sensation,┬áthe body feels light, blurred vision for a moment could also repeat or suddenly. This condition […]