Skeeter syndrome
Skeeter Syndrome

Skeeter Syndrome: 3 Symptoms, and Causes

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Skeeter Syndrome: Symptoms, and Causes – Itching, disturbing sleep, and can transmit a variety of harmful diseases. No wonder You are very wary of mosquito attacks. Wherever You go, mosquito repellent lotions are always in the bag. It is natural to do, because mosquitoes do not know the time and place to attack you and the child.

Mosquitoes also often transmit dangerous diseases, ranging from dengue fever, malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, to deadly Zika disease. If the child is bitten by mosquitoes, you must be immediately worried.

Moreover, some people have an excess reaction to mosquito bites. Yes, there are people bitten by mosquitoes and the reaction is just a small bump. But there are also people who are large bumps, even swollen to the joints. Ever know the person whose body reaction to mosquitoes is very exaggerated? If yes, maybe the person is experiencing Skeeter syndrome.

Mosquito bite allergy at a glance

Mosquitoes emit a number of proteins to prevent blood clotting, so it can suck the blood target blood with smooth. In people with Skeeter syndrome, exposure to these proteins can cause severe allergic reactions.

Symptoms can be red spots, inflammation, and ulcers. Not only that, there are also people with Skeeter syndrome who suffer from severe symptoms after mosquito bites. The occurrence of these symptoms is known as anaphylactic reactions.

People who experience anaphylactic reactions really cannot be exposed to allergens, in this case mosquito bites.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (AAAAI), mosquitoes must be in contact with a skin of at least six seconds to bring up the Skeeter syndrome reaction.

When the requirements are fulfilled, the Skeeter syndrome sufferer will experience a soft lump that can change color to pink. A few moments later, the lump changed color again to be very red and hardened. This symptom lasts up to 48 hours after mosquitoes are biting.

After a few days, the itching will fade, a dark red lump or bump will turn pink and come back to the skin color again. This process takes approximately 3 – 4 days. As for the swelling, this condition takes approximately one week to completely deflate.

Skeeter Syndrome Symptoms

Skeeter Syndrome is a result of an allergic reaction to a protein substance in mosquito saliva. Its clinical symptoms can be a reddish rash, swelling, itching. Yes, generally these symptoms will disappear on their own within a few days.

Here are some skeeter syndrome symptoms that you should know:

Red on the whole skin, not just the mosquito bite area

The normal mosquito bite reaction is red around the mosquito bite area, unlike those with allergies, one part of the body is bitten by mosquitoes will be red.

If the arm is bitten, the whole skin of the arm will turn red and even swell.


Usually, after mosquito bites will appear a small lump in the skin that is bitten, while with people who have mosquito allergies will be swollen in certain areas, such as the face until the whole body can be swollen and red.

Vomiting, fever, difficulty breathing

In some cases, there are even some people who have fever, nausea, vomiting, and breathing difficulties due to mosquito bites. Fortunately, there has been no deadly case of this allergy.

What causes allergic reaction to mosquito bites?

When it is biting someone, mosquitoes will emit proteins to prevent blood clotting. Proteins can sometimes be accepted by the body or not at all. If the body cannot accept proteins injected by mosquitoes, it will most likely trigger some problems such as bumps, red spots, to ulcers and inflammation.

A person experiencing allergies with mosquito bites is usually also allergic to other insect bites. So, if you get a bite of ants or the like, it will also cause large spots on the body and it can be a long time. This condition will usually improve on its own as time goes by.

A person’s body will usually produce antibodies by itself after several insect bites including mosquitoes. After several times of bite, the body will be immune by itself. A person may be experiencing a bump, but there is little chance of skin injury.

Because the body’s endurance will form itself along with the bite frequency of insects, older persons will rarely experience Skeeter syndrome. Conversely, children or those who are still infants will often experience allergies. 

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