Pain after exercise
Pain after exercise

Pain after exercise

Many studies state that exercise is very good for the health of body and soul. It turns out that any sports can give pain in muscles, especially for certain conditions. There are many uncertainties about the pain after exercise. Primary care sports Medicine Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Ryan Lingor stated, when people start a new sports activity, it is very common to experience pain.

The pain is also common after people enter new movement or gain weight into existing routines. While a pain, it’s not just show something bad. That doesn’t mean they should stop their workout or they are injured.

When pain occurs is not something difficult, it still shows fine. Keep, what kind of pain to note after exercise? Pain is the typical symmetrical, so if you experience a lot more pain on one side of the body, maybe it was the harbinger of the muscles that are pulled or other injuries. The normal pain could also be felt between 24 and 36 hours after the workout and recede in about three days.

Suppose over that provision, a sign of something more serious. The biggest thing to look out for is a change in color of urine, which indicates excessive training conditions or rhabdomyolysis. When the urine looks darker or brown in the days after intense exercise, immediately consult a doctor. Sometimes you can get something where the muscles start to break down abnormally. The breakdown of muscle that sift through the kidneys and alter the urine becomes dark.

How to help the muscles are pain after a workout can be done with a mild activity. There is no real effective treatments for muscle pain that is delayed, the best is a low impact activity. General strategy such as stretching, coating, and deployment of warming are not dangerous. However, it is recommended people to swim or do other low-impact workouts when experiencing muscle pain. Whereas, in order to avoid muscle pain while exercising, it is suggested to stay properly hydrated. Then do enough recovery after a hard workout and eat a source of healthy carbohydrates and protein after a workout.

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