Occupational Therapy Autism
Occupational Therapy Autism

Occupational Therapy Autism: 3 Types, and Benefits

Occupational Therapy Autism – Children with autistic spectrum disorders generally experience some difficulties that interfere with their daily activities and potential occupational function (occupation). The difficulties suffered by children with autistic spectrum disorders, such as the limited social ability, inability to understand and obey social rules, are not flexible to new things, attachment to familiar things, repetitive behavior, to hyperactivity or even hypoactivity.

To date, causes of autistic spectrum disorders are not yet known. Scientific evidence supporting a certain effective therapy is not yet available. However, children with autistic spectrum disorders still need help in order to be able to adapt and live well. In general, children with autistic spectrum disorders will need occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Sadness and panic when a child is convicted of autism, often making parents try out the different ways, medications, and supplements that offer can cure autism. Preferably for child care, do healing appropriately with occupational therapy.

Types of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy generally suppresses the fine motor capability, in addition to the occupational therapy also aims to help autism sufferers to conduct normal daily activities, productive activities and free time utilization.

Occupational therapy is centered on sensory or motor approaches and combinations to improve the child’s ability to feel touch, taste, sound and movement. Therapy also includes games and social skills, training the strength of hands, grips, cognitive and following directions.

Occupational therapy has several types, namely

Occupational therapy activities daily living

This therapy is done so that the child can fulfill the physical needs of himself. Occupational therapy teaches how to eat, care of personal belongings, defecate, bathe and maintain the health of oneself. Occupational therapy activities teach children in their survival, such as cooking, dressing, shopping and taking care of the environment.

Occupational therapy jobs with training

Occupational Therapy Autism Types
Occupational Therapy Autism: 3 Types, and Benefits 2

The goal of this occupational training therapy is to help autistic children engage in community work so that they can be useful to themselves and others.

Occupational therapy assessment of leisure time

This therapy familiarizes the child to fill free time with things that can hone the interests and talents they have.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy Autism

Encouraging children to become more self-reliant

One of the main objectives of occupational therapy for autistic children is to help the child master various basic life skills, such as wearing clothes, eating with cutlery, combing hair, and writing.

Various study results do show the development of motor skills in children in the autistic spectrum disorders later than other children in general.

Well, through various games and activities in occupational therapy, the children can hone fine motor skills while being trained to take care of themselves and live more independently.

Helping improve social interaction skills

According to The American Occupational Therapy Association, children who are in autistic spectrum disorders often have difficulty communicating or doing social interactions.

Occupational therapy will help children hone communication skills and social interactions, such as eye contact and attention to the opponent, take turns with others, greet and open talks, and express their feelings or needs.

Increasing tolerance to sensory stimulation

Most children with autism have problems in the sensory process, making it easily overwhelmed by the stimulation of the surrounding environment.

Various activities in occupational therapy for autistic children, such as swinging, touching and massaging, playing a trampoline, or using a vest with weights, can help the child to filter and process the sensory stimulation he receives.

With better sensory processing, the children can do more activities, be more self-controlled, and better at interacting with the environment and people around it.

Call Occupational Therapy Autism at Home

Occupational therapy can be done in several places, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and home visit. Before deciding to do this therapy, consult the doctor first to get a referral where appropriate occupational therapy from the doctor.

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