How to cure ear mites in cats
How To Cure Ear Mites In Cats (Ilustrasi/pixabay)

How To Cure Ear Mites In Cats

Ear Mites is a parasite that is often found in dogs or cats. Species that infect the ear is Otodectes cynotis, really like to stay on the surface of the ear, biting the ear and causes inflammation of the ear.

Ear Mites or “Otodectes cynotis” is a common cause of ear inflammation in cats. Because the cat’s immune system is not fully developed, the kittens are usually exposed to this parasite. Ear mite do the life cycle for 3 to 4 weeks and the eggs will hatch every 3 to 5 days.

Ear mites are usually spent his entire life in the ear canal, but they too can move to other areas of the body, especially the feet, the face, the neck and the tail end close to the body.

How To Cure Ear Mites In Cats

If you find your cat is experiencing these things need to be sent to the vet. The doctor will check for Earwax using a microscope. Otodectes cynotis or ear mite proliferation in the ears, so that when checking the Earwax is frequently found ear mite eggs.

If your cat tested positive for ear mite appropriate medical examination then you need to give or topical treatment with ear drops.

The steps that need to be done when treating the cat with ear mites.

  • Clean the ear using cotton or cotton bud carefully not to cause injuries. No need to worry because the shape of cat ears pricked like the letter L. Clean the ears every 2 or 3 days.
  • Clean the cat ears with astringent or ear cleaning fluid. Its function is to remove any dust or dirt on the rest of the ear. Substance used i.e. contains salicylic acid and ethyl alcoh*l, isopropyl alcoh*l which is certainly safe for cats and does not cause irritation.
  • Squirt the medicine containing antibiotics. Usually there are not only the ear mites, but inflammation accompanied by bacterial infections and fungi. Therefore, doctors prescribe drugs drops containing antibiotics or anti parasitic.

Read the label carefully for instructions on how often you have to put ear drops. The frequency of the treatment and the number of droplets is given depends on the medication provided, but usually dripped once a day for seven to ten days.

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