Is there a cure for rabies in humans
Is There A Cure For Rabies In Humans

Is There A Cure For Rabies In Humans? 3 Treatment Steps

Is There A Cure For Rabies In Humans? Seasonal diseases caused by mosquitoes, spiders and animals are generally a concern, especially during the changing seasons. While wild animal carrying diseases such as wild dogs and bats also pose a real threat: rabies disease.

Although the number is not much, the sufferer is often not helped because of the lack of information about the symptoms, treatments to the prevention.

Rabies or Mad Dog disease is an infectious disease in the central nervous system or or brain caused by a virus. Also known as zoonotic disease transmitted from animals to humans through dogs, monkeys, civet and cats

Rabies is a virus that is usually transmitted through animal bites exposed to rabies. Transmission occurs does not have to be with a full bite.

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Is There A Cure For Rabies In Humans?

If an animal bites, stay calm. The animal poison will not paralyze instantaneously. It takes a few days the virus infects the body.

But, when rabies has been at the present stage of symptoms, the condition is already dangerous and potentially cause death. Until now, there has been no method to treat rabies at that stage.

First Aid

In some cases, a dog bite that is not severe can be treated using the medicines that are widely available. However, in severe cases, bitten by a dog requires immediate medical care.


The first thing to do is to move away from the dog to avoid the possibility of getting bitten again. Being bitten again can worsen the wound and infection.


Once there is no more direct threat from the dog, if possible, find out if the dog is infected with rabies or not. It can be known from the vaccination history owned by dog owners.

If the dog is not with the owner, it can also ask people around about the condition of the dog.

If there is an indication of rabies, immediately visit the doctor to get treatment.

First aid

The first aid type is determined by the severity of dog bites.

Rabies can be prevented by handling after being bitten by animals that are risky to transmit viruses, such as giving initial treatment of bite injuries and receiving serum and anti-rabies vaccines. In the bite wound, the initial treatment includes:

  • If the skin is not torn, the handlers can be done by cleaning the area with warm water. Also apply antibacterial lotion to the area.
  • If the skin is torn, clean the area with warm water. Then, gently press the wound. It aims to eliminate germs.
  • If the bite creates blood, place the clean cloth in the wound area and press gently to stop the blood flow. Apply antibacterial lotion and wound cap with sterile bandages.
  • Watch this wound, whether small or large until completely cured so that the infection does not arise. If redness, swelling, warmth, soft touch, or even a fever appear, contact your doctor immediately.

Do not wait for other symptoms, such as head pain and fever, muscle aches, fear of water, and difficulties. This symptom signifies the virus has evolved and begins to spread in the body.

Go to the Doctor

Research shows one out of five bite dog needs medical treatment.

Immediately visit a doctor or emergency unit if a dog bite meets the following conditions:

  • Caused by an unknown dog history of rabies vaccines, or by dog-looking sick
  • It does not stop bleeding
  • Inflict great pain
  • Wounds showing bones, tendons, or muscles
  • Cause loss of function, such as not being able to bend the fingers
  • Visible red, swollen, or inflamed
  • Appear pus or liquids
  • Feeling weak, confused, or faint
  • Appeared fever.


There is also another way of injection-giving. People infected with rabies viruses are injected with rabies immunoglobulin, rabies vaccination in humans.

This stops viral infections from developing in the body. Injections are administered for 14 days (five times injections). After being bitten by an infected animal, you can immediately get an injection of rabies immunoglobulin.

Bottom Line

Is There A Cure For Rabies In Humans? Although there is no standard treatment method for rabies infection, certain principles must be followed to prevent the spread of the infection.

There is already a standardized management for rabies handling. In essence, the treatment of rabies animal bite cases aims to prevent rabies in humans.

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