How to stay up all night
How to stay up all night

How to stay up all night

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Some people have difficulty undergoing stay up activity. Fighting drowsiness at night is not an easy thing. However, you will be determined to watch your favorite ball game or completing a task for tomorrow. What is the secret to get fit while staying up? How to stay up all night? Here are ways so you can stay up all night.

How to stay up all night

Listen to music and watch TV.

The first way How to stay up all night is listen to music or watch TV. You can play movies or Your favorite music. It can keep you awake all night and quite effectively reduce drowsiness.

Leave the lights on.

Watching television with the lights on will give the effect of a strong light on your internal sleep clock. Light can manipulate your body and assumed yet it is time to sleep. This is because bright light with the eyes are connected and can reset your internal clock to sleep. That clock tells us to always be awake even though we are exhausted. So while watching the football on the night, don’t be in the dark. Make sure the room lights are bright.

Drink a lot of water.

Every time you sleepy, drink plenty of water. Water keeps body moist and prevent gastric problems which often occurs in people who like staying up.

Avoid caffeine if possible.

It looks like the coffee or tea is the ideal solution, but you will only get an additional temporary energy and fatigue on the next day (perhaps in the middle of an exam or meeting). Preferably, try hydrating the body with water.

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Drink caffeinated beverages while in urgent circumstances.

Although caffeine can make you limp and more tired than before, but if you have to spend time in the evening and your eyes feel heavy, maybe it’s time to drink caffeinated beverages in an emergency.

Drink green tea.

How to stay up all night by drink green tea

Green tea is one of the best ways to get rid of sleepiness and stay awake. Green tea will make your body instantly becomes fresh and stimulating your brain. However, if you drink green tea, you should avoid coffee.

Eat well in the daytime.

If you want to stay up, you have to eat three meals healthy and balanced meal a day before staying up, if not, then your body will feel tired because the food is not healthy or fatigued because eating less.

Prepare a healthy food supplies for the night.

Prepare a number of healthy snacks that you can eat if hungry all night and keep some kind of healthy food in the fridge if you will spend the night at home.

Saving sleep before staying up.

Despite when to stay up late is not always anticipated, if you know from a distance your busy schedule or times where stress will peak, you can prepare your body.. If you already sleep-deprived and still stayed up late, the ill effects of lack of sleep will progressively accumulate.

Try to install your sleep from afar so that when the day stays up, your body will quickly adjust the system to keep you awake all night.

If you could steal the spare time approximately 15-20 minutes during the day, use for a nap. During the first 15-20 minutes when you fall asleep, you will awaken in the early stages of the sleep cycle, not in the stage of dreams (REM sleep), so you’ll feel fresher for staying up.

Keep moving.

Do simple movements, such as tapping a foot. If accustomed to do, that movement may save you from falling asleep at the crucial moment, and help you to stay alert without interruption.

Take a break occasionally.

Do not let the energy and motivation run out because of working or learning without stopping. So, try taking a break. For example, each 40 to 55 minutes to work, rest 5 to 20 minutes. Or, you can get out and walk around in a safe area and bright enough.

Thank you very much for reading How to stay up all night, hopefully useful.

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