How To Treat Low Blood Sugar
How To Treat Low Blood Sugar

11 Causes, Symptoms, and How To Treat Low Blood Sugar – Home Remedies

The Causes, Symptoms, and How To Treat Low Blood Sugar – Treating low blood sugar is usually required by diabetics when experiencing certain conditions.

In general, low blood sugar conditions can occur suddenly, especially for patients with a history of diabetic disease.

This condition is usually caused by several things, among them the excessive dose, not disciplined in taking the drug, and food intake.

Although low blood sugar is mostly experienced by diabetics, but it turns out that low blood sugar can attack anyone.

It is only a symptom that healthy people who have a low blood sugar level condition are not as severe as the impact indicated by diabetics.

Conditions of blood sugar levels are low or known as hypoglycemia quite dangerous, because it can affect the condition of the heart even in the most severe cases resulting in death.

So it takes knowledge of How To Treat Low Blood Sugar especially for diabetics.

Causes of hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels drop drastically. This condition is more commonly experienced by diabetics due to:

  • The use of insulin or diabetes medication that exceeds the dose or irregular.
  • The diet is not good, like eating too little or delay eating.
  • Physical activity or excessive exercise, without adequate eating.
  • Excessive consumption of alco**holic beverages.

Although it is rare, hypoglycemia may also occur in people who do not suffer from diabetes. Causes include:

  • Lack of hormones that regulate the balance of sugar in blood.
  • Lack of nutrients, e.g. Due to anorexia nervosa disease.
  • Excessive production of insulin, e.g. Due to tumors in the pancreatic gland (insulinoma).

A person also risks experiencing hypoglycemia when having the following conditions:

  • Taking certain medications, such as blood sugar lowering drugs, antimalarials, antibiotics, antiarrhythmic, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).
  • Has had a stomach reduction surgery.
  • Excessive consumption of alco**holic beverages.
  • Suffering from hepatitis, renal impairment, malaria, or sepsis.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar

Symptoms that are likely to arise from low blood sugar include blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, sudden mood swings, sudden nervousness, fatigue, pale face, headache, excessive hunger, shaking body, dizziness, cold sweating, sleeplessness, tingling, difficulty concentrating, until lost consciousness and coma.

Without immediate relief or treatment, the consequences of hypoglycemic people can faint, experience seizures, or even to a coma.

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How To Treat Low Blood Sugar – First Aid

Blood sugar is too low is a medical emergency. If a person has a problem with a diabetic condition and is experiencing mild to moderate hypoglycemic symptoms, feed or drink about 15 grams of digestible carbohydrates such as:

  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 3 or 4 pieces of candy or sugar tablets
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 4 or 5 salted biscuits

If a person experiences severe symptoms or reactions, such as fainting, it is important to immediately seek medical attention. People who are at risk of low blood sugar should consult with a doctor to get a prescription of glucagon medication.

How To Treat Low Blood Sugar – Home Remedies

Check blood sugar periodically

Check your blood sugar at regular intervals to monitor blood sugar levels in the body.

Blood sugar test can be done by yourself at home using glucometer tools.

If the results of blood sugar checking are below 80 mg/dL, then the first aid that can be done is to lay the body of the sufferer so as to make it comfortable to breathe.

Sweet food consumption

If the body feels limper with a headache, immediate consumption of food and sweet drinks to get an additional energy intake.

There are some foods that are a source of energy that is easily absorbed by the body, among others: honey, sugar or sweets, tomatoes and others. (Read Fist Aid above)

Avoid artificial sweetener

How To Treat Low Blood Sugar - Avoid Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners only give a sweet taste to food and drink. However, it cannot add to the calories and does not have many benefits for the body.

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Food consumption every few hours

Food consumption every few hours with a short time interval can help increase blood sugar levels in the body and avoid a sudden decline in blood sugar levels.

Consumption of Magnesium rich foods

Foods high in magnesium can maintain the stability of normal blood sugar levels and prevent low blood sugar.

As for foods high content of magnesium among others, avocado, spinach, fish and nuts.

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Although low blood sugar can attack suddenly, but if the sufferer continues to undergo a healthy lifestyle it will reduce the risk of hypoglycemia attack.

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