How to slow heart rate
How To Slow Heart Rate

How To Slow Heart Rate in 5 Ways

How To Slow Heart Rate – Our heart could be beating faster than we realize. Heart rate becomes one of the important factors that can predict the risk of heart disease. Moreover, if the heartbeat is still tight even in a state of rest.

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It may indicate that our heart is working hard to pump blood flow even if there is no significant physical activity.

The higher the heart rate when resting indicates the weight of heart work.

It can indicate the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Based on the guidelines reported by the American Heart Association, people over 10 years old should have a heartbeat of 60 to 100 per minute. While athletes 40 to 60 per minute.

Thus, it is certainly good to be able to monitor our heartbeat independently. Because, with our ability can also recognize heart health.

People with a heartbeat of more than 70 beats per minute while relaxing, have a 78 percent higher risk of heart disease. If your heart beats too fast while resting, your physical sign is weak or that you are significantly depressed. Also, if you experience a very fast heartbeat, you should try to lower it. Loud warning: It could be a tachycardia, which can involve a heart attack that requires emergency medical attention.

Follow these methods to temporarily lower the heartbeat that is “chronic high” or that are “very high” but (hopefully) not often. Then you have to increase it to permanent, through physical conditioning.

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How To Slow Heart Rate

Here are the ways How To Slow Heart Rate:

Use breathing techniques to reduce stress.

You certainly know that the higher the stress levels, the more your heart rate increases. When hit by stress, the human body releases an adrenaline that is able to increase heart rate significantly. By applying the right breathing technique, your body and mind will be more relaxed. As a result, your heartbeat will also slow down.

Try meditating.

Meditation is a powerful technique to calm one’s body and mind. For those who experience physical health problems, meditation is also able to calm the body and mentally, as well as balance your psychological health. For those of you who have never been or are not diligent meditating, try to do mindfulness meditation first. This type of meditation is easier to do, but can bring significant health benefits.

Increase physical Activity

How to slow heart rate - increase physical activity

Lowering your heart rate is one way to reduce your risk of heart disease. It can be done by exercising.

The athletes boast this. Because the resting heart rate at rest is an indication that they have a better body condition so that the heart does not need to work too hard.

Moderate exercise, at 60-80 percent of the maximum heartbeat, can be effective for raising cardiovascular fitness,

But keep in mind, if we have a certain health condition, first consult the proper way of exercise to the doctor.

Do aerobic

One of the recommended physical activities is aerobic. This sport is not only the best anti-aging sport, but also very useful for the heart.

Sports intervals like Highintensity interval training (HIIT) are very effective at increasing heart rate in certain periods, and can improve cardiovascular fitness.

However, if you feel that this sports model is too intense, we have to look for other types of sports that can keep the heart working well.

It can be jogging, dancing, brisk, or other sports that improve cardiovascular. This is if done routinely and can lower your heartbeat.

Lose weight.

One of the factors that can increase the risk of heart disease is body mass index (BMI). According to Howard LeWine of Harvard Health, the larger the body, the harder the heart work to pump blood flow. Research from the University of Utah shows, weight loss in patients that obesity can significantly reduce the heartbeat.

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