How to get rid of dust mites
How to get rid of dust mites

How to get rid of dust mites

How to get rid of dust mites – Dust mites is an arachnide (types of spiders) are very small living in all parts of the House, for example, in pillows, linens, toys, furniture, bedding, and other places. Dust mites eat the dead skin which is released every day by humans and pets, as well as likes warm and humid environment.

Home dust mites are very small so we can’t see it or feel it, but if we look through the microscope, then it is not much different than a spider. Unlike spiders, dust mites excrete a substance that can cause allergies, make us runny and sneeze in a short time.

Although very small, dust mites produce a lot of feces that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. You may not be getting rid of dust mites from the home completely, but there are some steps that can be done to reduce the amount. With this action, allergy symptoms and possible asthma attacks will decrease.

Mostly, dust mites will attack children and parents because the immune system is very vulnerable. As for the symptoms of the body attacked dust mites are sneezing when wake-up time, continuous nasal congestion, shortness of breath to cause asthma, red spots and itching on the skin.

People who have albinism are twice potentially affected by an allergy to dust mites than other individuals. Other studies have found that the fact of the existence of eczema in children, particularly infants can experience pain by the presence of dust mites and cause skin irritation.

In addition, dust mites can attack your pets as well. Dust mite allergies are very common in cats and dogs where they spend the majority of their time indoors. Pets in a closed room can become a victim of dust mites. If you see your dog or cat often scratching and continually, perhaps you could contact the veterinarian, as these are symptoms of dust mite allergies in pets.

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The Classification of the house dust mites.

  • Kingdom: Animalia.
  • Phylum: Arthropoda.
  • Class: Arachnida.
  • Subclass: The Order Acarina: Acariformes.
  • Family: Pyroglyphidae.
  • Genus: Dermathophagoides.
  • Species: D. Pteronyssinus.

How to get rid of dust mites.

Dust mites can be destroyed with a clean and healthy way of life. Do with on a regular basis the efforts of cleaning and washing the items found in the House, especially in the bedroom and living room and other spaces. Similarly, in the office environment. The bed every day cleaned, if it needs to be dried periodically and regularly. The carpet is a source of dust mites that also need to be cleaned regularly.

House Cleaning.

  • Do the cleaning use a wet cloth.
    If there is dust lodged in the House, there is a possibility that section filled dust mites. For that, remove the food source of dust mites by cleaning parts of the House and its furniture with textile fabric of the kitchen so that dust does not spread.
  • Suck out all parts of the House using vacuum cleaner.
    How to get rid of dust mites using vacuum cleaner
    How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites Using Vacuum Cleaner

    Another way to get rid and clean of dust mites could use the vacuum cleaner. You can suck up dust in all parts of the House including the mattress regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

  • Wash the bedding using hot water.
    Another way allergic patients in the room is to eradicate dust mites trigger. A simple way in controlling dust mites, including washing the bed linens, blankets, mattress, pillows and pillowcases with hot water from time to time
  • Clean drapes and curtains.
  • Wash all the toys
  • Freeze the objects that cannot be washed.

Using Other Methods.

  • Increase the air flow of your home.
  • Use direct sunlight.
    The Sunlight kill dust mites. Dry the bedding, clothes, furnishings and other outside so it is exposed to direct sunlight. Open curtains and blinds so that sunlight can enter the House.
  • Tidy up your home.
  • Reduce humidity..
    Dust mites like damp environments because it absorbs water from the atmosphere. Avoid humidity and use a dryer or air conditioning to keep humidity above 50%.
  • Control home temperature.
  • Install the filter.
    High-efficiency filters in the furnace and air conditioning can help remove the allergens and reduce dust mite populations.
  • Use an Air Purifier.

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