How to deal with inflamed acne
How To Deal With Inflamed Acne

How To Deal With Inflamed Acne (Medical and Natural)

In addition to causing pain and disturbing self-confidence, inflamed acne is often difficult to remove. So, is there a way to deal with inflamed acne that is effective and easy to do yourself? Check out the full explanation below.

How To Deal With Inflamed Acne

For someone with less severe acne, how to deal with inflamed acne can use over-the-counter drugs in pharmacies. Some types of active substances that are often used to relieve acne are: benzoyl peroxide (benzoyl peroxide) and salicylic acid.

Even so, this method is not very effective in dealing with severe inflamed acne. When experiencing this, treatment is more aimed at minimizing irritation and inflammation, as well as prevent scarring and its emotional effects.

Medical treatment

Handling inflamed acne should be done at a dermatologist because the treatment must be in accordance with the type of acne that appears. Your doctor may prescribe medications such as antibiotics, creams, gels, or lotions to remove bacteria and reduce inflammation.

If your acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance, your doctor will prescribe a hormone stabilizer. For severe acne, isotretinoin or laser therapy is sometimes prescribed. As for cystic acne, it is treated with cortisone injection to relieve the pain.

Home care

Inflamed acne that is not too severe can be treated using natural ingredients. If the doctor permits, treatments with natural ingredients can also be combined with prescribed drugs. Some natural treatments at home that can be done, including:


Applying honey, lemon and olives to pimples can help fight inflammation.

Tea tree oil

It can eradicate acne-causing bacteria. However, if signs of allergies appear, such as redness and itching of the skin, discontinue use.

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Ice covered with a clean cloth can be placed over the pimple to reduce swelling, pain, and redness from inflammation. Maximum use for 15 minutes.


Supplement zinc can also help overcome acne, as long as it is not consumed in excess.

Recognizing the characteristics of Inflamed Acne

You need to know, inflammation of the cheeks occurs in the deeper layers of the skin than a regular pimple. The pain and scars left behind can also be more severe. This condition can occur in children to adults and does not always occur on the face, it can be the neck, chest, or back

Acne can appear in a variety of conditions, including:

1. Papules

Papules are solid pimples that appear from under the surface of the skin. It is red in color and has no eyes or a white spot in the center. They vary in size and usually cause pain.

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2. Pustules

A pimple that is inflamed, red, and has white spots. Pustules contain pus and should not be squeezed. Popping these pimples with unclean hands will cause pockmarks on the face.

3. Nodules

Nodules are lumps that grow under the skin or in the deepest skin tissue. This pimple is painful, has no eyes and is red from inflammation. In addition to the skin, nodules can also grow in other parts of the body.

4. Cyst

Like nodules, cysts also grow from under the skin tissue or in organs. The cyst has no eye in the center, but looks much redder than other types of inflammatory acne.

Cysts are usually soft and painful to the touch. Compared to acne, cysts look more like boils.

In moderate cases, it is often difficult to differentiate between inflammatory acne and regular acne. But at least the following characteristics can be a marker.

  • Inflamed pimples are red, swollen, and painful
  • Pimples also have eyes in the form of white or yellowish spots in the center while the edges are red.
  • Pimples appear to be emerging from under the skin, are hard, but cannot penetrate the skin layer.
  • When a pimple deflates or bursts, a deep scar appears in the scar.

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