How to cure frostbite
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How To Cure Frostbite

Frostbite is a condition in which the body’s tissues frozen and damaged by exposure to low temperature. Frostbite generally occurs on the hands, feet, nose, and ears.

People who usually experience frostbite are those who are often in a cold condition or temperatures. The people in their country have four seasons, in the winter more potentially affected by frostbite.

Frostbite can become a very serious injury. The disease can take several weeks to recover. Patients may lose the skin, fingers, and feet as well as deformed and changed the color of the skin. Frostbite could develop into hypothermia.

How To Cure Frostbite

Here are some ways to cure Frostbite:

The best method of treatment is prevention. Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and make sure the kids wear clothes that are warm in cold weather.

Place the sufferer on a sleeping bag or cover her body with a blanket, paper, aluminium/silver foil or other objects.

Drink plenty of non-alcoh*lic fluids and caffeine. Limit exposure to cold air if possible.

If the frostbite occur, seek immediate protection and warmth. Soak the skin in warm water with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Do not use hot water because hot water can make the injury are getting worse.

If possible, warm the whole body, drink plenty of water and take up exposed skin affected by frostbite after warmed up.

Avoid moving or walking if the hands and feet are stricken with Frostbite, so that we avoid fractures. In treating frostbite are sometimes also required medical care such as pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

If chafing occurs, do not soak the part. Use dry gauze bandage, clean area that is experiencing swelling and contact the emergency assistance.

Aloe Vera lotion can help to lower the level of inflammatory that arises due to frostbitten.

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