How to cure colic
How To Cure Colic

How To Cure Colic

If you experience abdominal pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, or often farting, it is an early sign of colic symptoms. Colic is an abdominal pain that interferes with the functioning of the digestive tract, such as the stomach, bowel, or urinary tract. Colic can be a condition that is not very comfortable or very serious. For babies, colic usually is a circumstance that is not too serious, but could make parents confused.

Colic in infants is a condition in which babies feel pain or abdominal pain because of air or gas in the stomach which interferes with digestion. Colic is not a symptom of a serious disease and common in infants between 2 weeks to 4 months. How to cure colic in infants is actually not complicated, but requires patience and extra attention from the mother.

How To Cure Colic

Before to cure colic in infants, mothers should make sure that the baby was crying not because hungry, bed wetting, freezing, overheating, due to illness, or other reasons. Colic in infants usually occurs suddenly after sucking or wake from sleep. The baby cried loudly and constantly to be more than 1 or 2 hours. While crying, facial blushing, hand clenched, feet lifted, and knees bent toward the chest, as if holding something uncomfortable in the stomach. There is a chance happening flatulence in infants and usually cold. If mom detects these symptoms, it’s likely it was colic. Here are some ways that can moms do to cure colic in infants:

Bathe baby with warm water. Baby bathing with warm water can reduce the pain due to colic. In addition to blood circulation to be smooth so that it can help reduce the symptoms of colic.

Give something warm in the stomach of the baby. The baby’s stomach bloated and usually it feels twisted. To help reduce abdominal pain, the mother can put a bottle containing warm water in the stomach of the baby, smearing the belly with Baby Oil or coconut oil, then gently wipe the baby belly.

Give the baby a probiotic or a warm honey water. Research points to the fact that babies who are having colic has microbiota above normal. But you should consult with your doctor first about giving probiotics to infants. Whereas, in the granting of water warm honey, natural sweetness of honey may reduce the pain due to colic in infants.

Create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the baby. Colic in infants causing discomfort in the stomach.  To reduce the worsening of this discomfort, create a calm, comfortable environment, and away from the crowd or uproar. The lighting in the room should also be organized so as not too bright, dim but not too dark. You can also listen to the rhythmic music that your baby loves. Baby blanket, and swing slowly while being picked up. If the atmosphere outside the home support, take the baby for a walk.

Try a baby fart. Generally, babies experience colic because there is accumulation of air or gas in the stomach. In addition to causing flatulence, gas buildup in the stomach makes it difficult for the baby’s bowel movements. To overcome this, stimulate the release of gas by applying body warming oils on the baby’s stomach, rubbing the stomach gently and tilt to the right, until the baby fart or defecate.

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