How to cure a bunion
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How To Cure A Bunion

A Bunion is a bony prominence that formed on the bottom of the thumb joint. Bunion formed because wearing shoes that are too narrow, or personal injury. Gradually, the thumb is enlarged and painful, so it can result in difficulties when working out and running.

How To Cure A Bunion

Here are some ways to cure a bunion:

Bunion Pads.
Wear a bunion pads or footwear to straighten the toes. If you are aware of the existence of a bunion at early stages, the bunion pads purchased at a pharmacy or drug store can help relieve pain and restore a thumb to its original position. Shoe special Sockets can also help to straighten your toes when you wear shoes.

Plaster foot and fingers on the position of straight and normal.
The toes will adapt to its normal position after the plastered for a week or two weeks. Enlist the help of a doctor to do this step.

Bunion Aid.
To treat mild to moderate bunion, a flexible bunion splint as “Bunion Aid” has been scientifically proven to effectively correct the bunion and relieving pain.

Soak the Epsom salt.
Soak Epsom Salt is another way that is effective for soothing pain, foot pain due to a bunion. The high amount of magnesium sulphate in Epsom salts can help get rid of inflammation and pain caused by the bunion.

Pour several tablespoons of Epsom Salt in the feet tub, fill in water, then soak your feet.

Chamomile is one of the best herbal remedies provide relief from bunion problem. Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the swelling and inflammation and reduce pain.

Calendula is another herb is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the discomfort caused by the bunion, like pain and swelling.

Turmeric is also effective for treating a bunion. Curcumin compound in turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and pain.

Take pain reliever prescribed.
In some cases, the doctor will suggest to change lifestyles and prescribe medication to relieve the pain. To prevent the bunion so as not to be severe, make sure to follow the doctor’s advice.


As a last, consider surgery to remove a bunion, scrape the bone to grow in the thumb, and straighten your thumb with the other fingers. Bunion surgery performed and considered to be the only cure for bunion.

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