Why do men go bald?
Why do men go bald?

How men go bald? Hair Loss Explanation

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There are several men experienced visible bitemproal recession (a withdrawal hairline) and this thing can cause hair loss in other places in the scalp for years. You should know that all men can loss their hair more and more as they are growing older. No doubt that you might be wondered about why do men go bald?

For those who are obvious and when the hair loss is going serious or occur in young age sometimes can be so stressing as well. The mark of pattern balding on men is the hair loss progresses in the very specific and extremely reproducible pattern. Although this thing might sound simple, actually there are several amin areas of scalp which lose hair easily, and the loss in these areas can cause variations in the pattern of hair loss progression.

Here several main areas:

Hair loss in your temple starts from the anterior hairline and go backwards.

This thing happens on certain degree in all boys when they are start to transition from adolescent period to manhood period. Only less than 5% of men can maintain this anterior hairline which is seen in their young boys. Usually, the loss is this area is mild and does not that severe. There are some men might experience the visible bitemporal recession and this is lead up the hair loss elsewhere for years.

The hair loss on the crown start around the back of your head

This hair loss can spread outwards to make circular baldness. You might often see this baldness on senior age. The loss in this area is pretty severe because many of them need more special treatments to control this hair loss and prevent it spread out in larger area.

Commonly thinning over your middle frontal scalp or in the top of your head

This hair loss is used to notice as the extending of the central part-line. So, this pattern becomes more notable among Asian men. This is also a sign of pattern hair loss on women as well. The women equivalent of men pattern which is affects more than75% as they are getting older.

So, why do men go bald? When the androgenetic alopecia starts to begin, then it will decrease the secondary hair so that the follicular units that affect your scalp is only able to create one terminal hair than bunch of hair. Because of men prefer having short hair and less observant, they might not notice their hair loss until the real bald was spotted.

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