Beard care tips
Beard care tips

Beard care tips

The man with the beard is often considered to be macho and makes women crazy about, such as Brad Pitt and David Beckham. For most men, grow a beard is essential. No matter how thick or thin the beard, tidiness and cleanliness of the beard had become the most important thing. Men’s facial skin also determines the quality of a beard. Moist skin or not irritated will usually be a place of beautiful beard grows. In addition, the way you set your beard also determine your appearance. The three main things that you should do in the care of hair on the face is the focus at the edges, tidy up as needed and the granting of nutrients to the skin and Your beard. These three things are not as complicated as you think. Well, to make it easier to You, here’s a Beard care tips.

Beard care tips

  • Determine the line of the neck.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t shave the beard is located in the area of your neck line. Shaving the beard in the area of the neckline is prone to error. Most people do let the hair in this area grow. However, if you want to shave or just tidy it properly, it is advisable to use your forefinger and middle finger, then place it on your Adam’s apple to determine the base line of the beard. This is very helpful way to determine a straight line from a point on the neck with a razor tool you use. After that, you can tidy up.

  • Tidy the beard in the area of the neckline

To spruce up the beard growing on the neck line area, the Barber usually trim the hair of your head that grow near this area. Usually, they crop it with a razor blade to the upper side. You can do this yourself.

Should the men determine 1 Fulcrum or edge line before trim beard. After that, prune approximately 2.5 centimeters. Don’t be too numerous and dense while trimming. This will form the gradations. After that, you can trim the line edges that you create are slowly to make gradations is better. As a result, the effects of the gradation that you made will make the beard looks full and the line of your neck look neat.

  • The face should relax while shaving the beard.

The mustache is also becoming important things that should not escape the attention of men when caring for a beard. The key to success in the shaving of beards is to maintain the normal ‘ face ‘ when the process of shaving. A relaxed face when shaving also ensures tidiness and beauty of the mustaches. To spruce up this mustache, it is recommended that you use a non electric mustache scissors so that the result is more natural.

You also need a small comb so that you comb the mustache straight down to determine how long the size of the mustache needs to be trimmed. After the specified length, the size can be reduced by combing the hair from the face and let go of the top layer. Comb and scissors are the tricks you have to do.

  • Don’t forget about skin care.

Some men consider shaving activities as ‘ work ‘ is not a process. Some people might think ‘ I have to remove this hair ‘ and not ‘ I have to keep my skin ‘ health. This often results in irritation, infection and cuts while shaving. We recommend that you take the time to shave the hair around the beard, the same as you take care of your face.

Shave the right takes time, especially when exposed to the treatment before and after shaving. Even if you just take care of facial hair and shaving a certain pattern, make sure your skin is clean. You need to make sure the pores are open first before shaving and close pores properly to avoid irritation. This way you can do by compressing the face using warm water and compress again with cool water after shave.

  • Use beard oil or beard balm.

Men should use beard oil or beard balm. However, you should understand when to use these two male products. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer and a coolant that can help stimulate growth and treat your beard and the skin underneath. On the other hand, beard balm is a product that can help add volume and shape Your beard, and can eliminate the odor and help retain moisture. So, even though both can nourish the beard, both products have different properties. Beard oil serves to soften the beard and hydrate the skin. While beard balm to organize and protect hair from environmental factors and dehydration.

Thank you very much for reading Beard care tips, hopefully useful.

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