Home remedies for frequent bowel movements
Home Remedies For Frequent Bowel Movements

26 Home Remedies For Frequent Bowel Movements Diarrhea

Home Remedies For Frequent Bowel Movements Diarrhea – Having diarrhea does make you uncomfortable. Besides the stomach feel heartless, you should also tired to go back and forth to complete matter in the restroom.

Usually diarrhea lasts only a few days (acute), but in some cases it can extend to weeks (chronic). In general, diarrhea is harmless if there is no dehydration. However, if it is with dehydration, the disease can be fatal, and the sufferer needs to receive medical help immediately.

But you don’t have to worry, there are a few options of natural or herbal remedies for diarrhea that you can use at home while resting to restore the body. What are the most potent natural remedies for diarrhea? See the list below.

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Home Remedies For Frequent Bowel Movements

Frequent Bowel Movements Diarrhea is not always treated with medical drugs. In mild cases, diarrhea can be treated with natural diarrhea medicines that are in the home. Using natural remedies to cope with diarrhea, lower the risk of adverse reactions from chemical drugs. In addition, most of these natural diarrhea medications are also safe to be applied by pregnant woman.

For clarity, there are some natural diarrhea medications that may be available at home, such as:

ORS fluid

ORS liquid is a fluid that can be made easily to prevent and overcome dehydration. Simply the ORS can be made from a mixture of plain water, salt, and sugar. The combination of these three ingredients contains minerals from the water, electrolytes from salt, and energy from the sugar content.

Salts are able to improve the transport and absorption of sugar through cell membranes. Sugar in the solution of NaCl (table salt) also efficacious increase the absorption of water in the intestinal wall strongly, so that the process of dehydration can be reduced or overcome.

ORS does not stop diarrhea, but replace the lost body fluids with feces. By replacing the body fluid, dehydration can be avoided.

13 Other home remedies:

  • Plain water or ORS.
  • Banana.
  • Foods that contain probiotics.
  • Potato.
  • Carrot.
  • Wheat.
  • Ginger tea.
  • Chicken broth soup.
  • Steamed meat.
  • Betel leaf,
  • Coconut water.
  • Turmeric and Honey.
  • Guava.

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Home Remedies For Frequent Bowel Movements in Children

Frequent Bowel Movements Diarrhea is the main cause of death in infants.

The disease is characterized by feces that are more dilute than usual and more frequent for bowel movements.

Most of these cases can be treated through healthy foods consisting of liquids and solid foods that are easily digestible in the intestines.

A number of foods that could be given to the child when she had Frequent Bowel Movements diarrhea.


Ginger can stop Frequent Bowel Movements diarrhea and can also eliminate bacteria or parasites that cause infection in the stomach.

  • Boil the small ginger stem with a cup of water.
  • After it is cold, give it to the child.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten it.

Chamomile tea is beneficial for stomach health

Chamomile flowers are plants that have many benefits. It can be migraine, insomnia relief, and also stomach health. When chamomile is added to the tea it will produce an anti-inflammatory substance that can treat inflammation in particular due to diarrhea.

In other words, chamomile tea can be an effective first aid drunk when the child has diarrhea. However, if the child’s diarrhea still does not subside, the mother should immediately take her to the pediatrician to be treated medically.

Guava leaves as a natural diarrhea remedy in children

Guava leaves are one of the natural diarrhea remedies for children. Guava leaves have been proven potency to treat diarrhea. Even many of the medicines are derived from guava extract to treat diarrhea.

How to cultivate guava leaves to be drunk as a drug of diarrhea in children, the first is select a young guava leaf. Guava leaves are then pounded and squeezed to produce 1 tablespoon of guava extract. Before guava is drunk, give a little salt to relieve the bitter taste and can kill bacteria.

9 Other home remedies:

  • Lemon
  • Potato,
  • Black tea.
  • Yogurt.
  • Banana.
  • Cinnamon and orange peel.
  • Soursop can be an unbitter diarrhea medication.
  • Turmeric with strong antioxidants.
  • Coconut water contains electrolyte substances that can replace body fluids.

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