Healthy drinks that make you gain weight
Healthy drinks that make you gain weight

Healthy drinks that make you gain weight

Canned fizzy drinks often considered unhealthy. Then dieters replaced it with other drinks, such as juice or smoothie. However, it turns out, those considered healthy beverages can add weight. A drinks are considered as a substitute for soda has considerable calories. The people who are running the diet often replacing meals with a healthy drink. They think it is healthier and can lower the calories. But it was not the case. Here are a few types of health drinks that make you gain weight

Healthy drinks that make you gain weight

  • Fruit Juice Packaging.

Apple, Orange, or cranberry juice indeed healthy. However, calories from that fruit is mostly derived from sugar. Most dieters know that soda is bad, they think can be replaced with fruit juice. In fact, there is a large calorie conceived that healthy drink. In a glass of orange juice weighing 8 ounces contains 110 calories. Meanwhile, one can of soda weighing 12 ounces contain 140 calories. As it turns out, no calorie savings when choosing between the two. In fact, based on a study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinks containing sugar thus influence against weight gain.

  • Protein and energy drinks.

Drinks containing protein or protein shakes on average have 200 calories. Typically, dieters take it as a substitute for food. It is better to restrict calories. But many who eat and also consume protein beverages, this is wrong. To avoid excessive calorie consumption should be able to control the food consumed. Note the calorie drink, and don’t forget to read the labels. Customize your calorie intake to accommodate it.

  • Alcohol-Based Liquid.

Drinks containing alco**hol contain calories, higher than we imagined. For example, a glass of wi**ne which was rated good for the heart, with a weight of 5 ounces contains about 120 calories. Alco**hol is used to supplement the food instead of replacing. Alco**hol is usually added to the food. Or it could also be a sweet mixture in cocktails and cool drinks.

  • Diet Drinks.

Drinks labeled Diet Coke or the like are generally low in calories. But when consuming it could cause indirect food sabotage. Someone might think by consuming a diet drink will save calories. Consuming a diet coke drinks may be able to cause stomach full. However, the drink contains no nutrients. Not only that, the hormones that contribute to food is not turned off so that when hungry will feel the hunger badly. A study from Yale University revealed when the sweetness and calories are inconsistent, then the body metabolism will be garbled. Calories cannot trigger the body’s metabolism. It makes the brain work to read that the body has not been eating enough calories, in fact already fulfilled.

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