Do i need glasses
Do I Need Glasses

Do I Need Glasses: 17 Signs You Need Glasses

You may have asked, do I need glasses? To answer your question, here are the signs that you need glasses

Nowadays, many kinds of glasses ranging from model and function. Some are specially made to help the vision, to dispel the dust when riding the vehicle, until for the fashion. Sadly, there are some people who wear health glasses because they really want to wear, but the condition of his eyes does not need a very much wear glasses.

In fact, wear glasses that have special lenses for sight aids it needs a prescription from your eye doctor directly. And, there’s a separate time too. Some of these conditions can be a sign if you need to check with a doctor and wear glasses immediately.

Eyes play an important role in human life because 83 percent of the information that a person gets per day comes from the eye. But with age or poor behavior towards the eye sometimes makes the viewing ability decline. To help the vision, glasses so its choice.

Glasses are needed to help a person to see clearer and brighter. But when does anyone know that he needs glasses to look around?

Do I Need Glasses? Signs You Need Glasses

To answer your question, do I need glasses, the most common vision disorders that signify people should wear glasses are:

Squinting when you see something.

Often squinting when looking at or seeing something is a single sign that someone needs glasses. This is most often when it comes to viewing objects in a long distance. When you squint, it means to reduce the pupil size. Well, we know that the pupil serves as a place for the entry and exit of light for an object to be visible. As a result, small pupil size means reduced blurring vision.

Often headaches.

Too often headaches are a sign that you need glasses. Headaches will you experience after concentrating to focus something in a long time. Regular headaches are experienced after hours in front of a computer monitor. Headaches due to eye disorders occur in the head of the front. Headaches can develop into a pain that lasts for hours.

Check your eyesight at night.

See how long it will take for your eyes to recover after staring at bright lights. When there is a light circle around the object, it can be ensured that your vision is not as good as it should be.

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Other signs:

  • Difficulty seeing objects either with one eye or both eyes
  • Often complains of blurred or shaded views when viewing in objects in near or far distances
  • Often complains of redness of the eye or fatigue in the eye especially after reading
  • Requires close visibility with objects to make them look clearer
  • Walking often stumble, falls and likes to crash because it cannot focus on the object.
  • Often change the view of your computer or laptop screen so you can see clearly.
  • It’s hard to see when it’s night or disturbed by a light that’s too bright.
  • Eyes are quickly tired and dizzy when too long at the screen, reading a book, or driving.
  • See halos while looking at an object, especially in dark conditions.
  • Difficulty getting used to eyes when in dark to light or vice versa.
  • You feel the pressure on the back of your eyes.
  • Wavy vision, especially when viewing straight-line objects.
  • Can not read writing at close range.
  • Notice other symptoms such as eyes that are often watery, itching and heavy, or you often blink to be able to see focus.

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If you notice any symptoms or signs, you should consult a doctor for prescription glasses that fit your eye condition. Because if the size of the minus, plus or cylindrical is incorrect, then one cannot see clearly the object.

Thank you vey much for reading Do I Need Glasses: Signs You Need Glasses, hopefully useful.

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