Characteristics of a child with diabetes
Characteristics of a child with diabetes

Characteristics of a child with diabetes

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Type 1 Diabetes mellitus is still a health problem for children in the world. Type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic metabolic disease that occurs in children. The problem is often undiagnosed well, no response, so that children do not get the treatment that could cause death.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by many factors. Genetic predisposition, environmental factors, immune system, until the condition of the pancreatic beta cells affects the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Well, parents should carefully look at the characteristics of a child with diabetes (type 1 diabetes). Belatedly recognizing the disease could result in late gets treatment, which ultimately threaten the health of the child.

Then, what are the characteristics of type 1 diabetes in children? Refer to the explanation in the following:

Characteristics of a child with diabetes

Easily hungry.

Children with diabetes will often feel hungry, even though its frequency of eating is already fairly often. This hunger emerges because of inadequate amounts of insulin, so that sugar can not be processed by the body into energy.

Frequent thirst.

Older people with diabetes often feel thirsty, even up to bloating due to too much drinking. Just like the hunger, the thirst appears due to lack of number of insulin causes the body susceptible to dehydration.

Nocturnal enuresis.

Characteristics of a child with diabetes - nocturnal enuresis
Nocturnal Enuresis Or Bedwetting Is One Of Characteristics Of A Child With Diabetes

The child who suddenly often nocturnal enuresis urine and many happen due to too much drinking. The capacity of the bladder that is not proportional with the intake of drinking water made the child often wets and nocturnal enuresis in the evening.

Weighting down drastically.

Decrease weight drastically within 2 to 6 weeks is vulnerable to diabetic children, is inversely proportional to the increasing appetite. This is caused by the inability of the body in absorbing blood sugar, so the muscle tissue and fat is shrinking.

Irritable and tired.

The impact of the body’s inability to process sugar into energy makes it easy for children to get tired while on the move. Lack of energy also make children irritable, emotions and become moody.

Well, that is some Characteristics of a child with diabetes that parents can recognize.

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