Cervical Cancer Causes
Cervical Cancer Causes

8 Cervical Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

The cervical cancer causes are uncertain, but this condition is formed when the cells in the cervix or the uterus develop into malignant. Cervical cancer is closely related to human papillomavirus infection (HPV). In addition, the emergence of this cancer is also associated with hereditary factors and se**xually transmitted diseases.

According to data from the World Health Organization or WHO, cervical cancer or cervix is a type of cancer the number four most often affects women. 

Considering that the disease is very deadly, every woman needs to know what risk factors can cause herself to be more susceptible to cervical cancer. It is important to prevent the emergence of cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Causes

HPV Virus

As mentioned earlier, it has not been known for certain causes of cervical cancer. However, there is suspected role of HPV virus infection.

There are about 100 types of HPV viruses, but only certain types can be on of cervical cancer causes. The two most common types of HPV viruses that cause cervical cancer are HPV-16 and HPV-18.

In short, it can be said that HPV is a group of viruses, and not one type of virus. HPV viruses are generally spread through se**xual inter**course. For example, direct contact between the geni**tal skin, mucous membranes or the exchange of bodily fluids, and through oral s**ex.

In 2012, the WHO stated that there were over 270 thousand cases of deaths in female population due to cancer. The number of new cases of cervical cancer amounted to nearly 445 thousand in 2012.

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Se**xual deviance

Deviant s**ex habits can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. Like alternating partner in having se**x has a higher risk of the viral transmission of cervical cancer. Moreover, if the habit is done without using any safety device. Thus, it can be understood that the more unhealthy s**ex habits, the greater the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Chlamydia infection

Chlamydia is a genital ailment caused by the trachomatis germ. This disease can attack both men and women with several different symptoms. The germ causes the disease to be transmitted through se**xual inter**course and other unhealthy se**xual behaviors.

Having se**x too early

In addition to deviant se**xual behavior, other factors such as having premature se**xual inter**course also provide a substantial risk of cervical cancer. Not without reason, the structure of the reproductive organs, including the cervix in children or adolescents is more susceptible to HPV infection. So if there are children or teenagers who have inter**course, increasingly have a great chance of getting cervical cancer.

Pregnancy and childbirth at too young age

Cervical Cancer Causes - Too Young Pregnancy
8 Cervical Cancer Causes And Risk Factors 2

Women under the age of 20 years old are not properly reproducing system. That is why pregnant and childbirth at that age can cause cancer and various other harmful conditions. The death of mothers and children in the process of childbirth when the mother is still too young also often happens. Avoid getting pregnant at an overly young age to avoid the risk of cervical cancer.

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Viewed from any aspect of obesity or overweight is not very good for health. Obesity can even be a cause of cervical cancer. Excessive weight can make the body’s metabolism disturbed, as a result, cancer cells become more easily grown without the ability of the immune system.

Genetic mutations

Cervical cancer can grow when a genetic mutation occurs in the body. The cause of genetic mutation is not always predictable, although it is likely to have related to lifestyle.

A genetic mutation in the case of cervical cancer is a condition when healthy cells in the body turn into abnormal cells. This abnormal cell, then develops into a cancerous cell and begins to infect the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Genetic mutations do not always cause certain symptoms in the body. The only thing that can be done to prevent cervical cancer caused by this factor is to live a healthy lifestyle so that all organs in the body are always in its best condition.


Every human being essentially has cancer cells in the body. But these cells are in an inactive state so it is not a disease in the body. These cells can then change actively due to various factors.

The immune system becomes an important part of ensuring that cancer cells remain inactive and are not transformed into diseases. Cervical cancer can occur when a woman experiences what is called immunosuppression.

Immunosuppression is a condition in which the immune system declines due to various factors. One factor of the cause is steroid treatment with high doses. Treatment such as the intended chemotherapy to cure cancer can also cause the same conditions.

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