Tips For Caring For A Newborn
Tips For Caring For a Newborn

7 Tips For Caring For a Newborn That Mothers Must Know | Tips for Caring for a Newborn – Not a few parents are still confused in caring for a newborn. In fact, proper newborn care is needed so that the baby always feels comfortable, his growth and development runs smoothly, and of course his health is maintained.

Newborns will experience many changes in their early life, especially in terms of growth and development. At this time, the baby’s body is also still vulnerable, so he is more prone to health problems. Therefore, parents need to understand how to properly care for newborns.

Various Tips for Caring for a Newborn

Caring for a newborn often leads to confusion or feelings of awry, especially for new parents.

Now, So that mothers can take care of their baby properly, here are a number of tips for caring for a newborn that can be done:

1. Change diapers regularly

Newborns usually wear diapers all the time. This is because he has not been able to control urination and defecation. Therefore, mothers need to regularly change their baby’s diapers, at least every 2-3 hours, to prevent your child from getting it diaper rash or fungal infection.

Also make sure you choose a diaper size that is appropriate for your baby’s age or weight. Don’t be too loose or too narrow. Mothers can tell if your baby’s diaper size is too small when it’s difficult to put on a diaper or if you notice skin irritation around the hips and groin.

2. Keep the baby’s body temperature warm

It is important for the mother to keep the child’s body warm. The reason is, newborns cannot regulate their body temperature, especially babies born prematurely. In fact, because they don’t have enough fat in their bodies, newborns feel cold 4 times faster than older persons.

To keep her body temperature warm, you can bathing the baby with warm water, make physical contact by hugging or holding your child, and covering his body.

3. Do massage after bath

Massage baby after bathing can provide many benefits, such as preventing flatulence, reducing fussiness and frequent crying, and making it easier for the baby to fall asleep. When massaging, you can use special baby oil or oil derived from natural ingredients, such as telon oil.

4. Use moisturizer regularly

Newborns have thin skin, so they are prone to dry skin. To fix this, you can apply moisturizer, lotion, or telon oil to moisturize and strengthen the skin layer.

5. Protect baby from mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can happen at any time. Therefore, you need to protect your child’s skin from mosquito bites. For example, by using a mosquito repellent lotion or telon oil containing lemongrass, which has an anti-mosquito effect.

Also make sure your child wears closed clothes and loose enough to prevent mosquito bites. Clothing that is too tight can actually make it easier for mosquitoes to bite the skin through clothing.

6. Choose the right clothes

Choosing the right clothes can help your baby feel comfortable and less fussy when he is awake.

You can do this by adjusting your child’s clothes. For example, cotton clothes when the weather is hot, or layered clothing, such as undershirts and pajamas, when it’s rainy season.

7. Use baby products

As previously explained, newborn skin is generally thinner. This makes the baby’s skin more prone to irritation or rashes if exposed to certain skin care ingredients, such as fragrances, dyes, and chemicals.

So, when caring for your baby, you need to use products that are made specifically for babies. Choose products labeled as fragrance-free, dye-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic.

Telon oil can also be a choice for parents to treat newborns, because it contains a variety of essential oil blends that are beneficial for babies. Some essential oils that are often found in telon oil are the natural compound rhodinol, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, coconut oil, chamomile oil, and anise oil.

Those are tips for caring for a newborn that mothers must know. Through this explanation, it is hoped that the mother can better understand and practice how to properly care for her newborn.

If you are still confused or in doubt, you can consult a doctor to find out more about the right way how to take care of newborn so that your child’s growth and development can be optimal.

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