Bump on roof of mouth
Bump on roof of mouth

Bump on roof of mouth, What is the cause?

Bump on roof of mouth, What is the cause? If you look more closely, the roof of the mouth is composed of bony plates in the front and soft slab pieces on the back. All this area serves as a barrier between the mouth and nasal cavity. Likening the swelling gums and tongue, the roof of mouth can also be swollen, making it difficult for you to talk and chewing of food.

Please note in advance that there is a wide variety of circumstances that may occur in the oral cavity associated with abnormalities, infection, systemic diseases, allergies and normal variation, it looks clinically can be bumped, lesion/wound, vesicles, macules, papules and other forms that are sometimes accompanied by discoloration and pain.

Complainant of the bump may actually be caused by many things. These complaints can occur starting from the head to toe, including on roof of mouth. The cause of this complaint is very much that needs to be examined in detail about the characteristics of the bumps and also other complaints that accompany to help identify the cause of the complaint, for example, whether the lump feels pain, does the lump looked inflamed, when did the complaint arise, so on.

To understand, the following causes of bump on roof of mouth.

Causes of bump on roof of mouth

Canker sore.

Maybe you are more often experiencing canker sores on the tongue, lips, or gums. However, it is not impossible if canker sores will appear in the unusual mouth area, for example, at the roof of the mouth.

Symptoms that are experienced are the same as canker sores in general, i.e. in the form of open wound are accompanied by pain, swelling and blisters in the mouth. Even though it will make you uncomfortable when eating, but the cancer sores will normally disappear by itself in a matter of days.

Oral cancer.

To determine whether bump on roof of mouth was the beginning of oral cancer or not, the bump must be seen immediately by a doctor. The dentist will check it out and do a biopsy if suspicious.

The symptoms of oral cancer are:

  • Bump/lump/swelling on inside of the mouth.
  • Bleeding in the mouth that is unknown cause.
  • Change the sound or the sound becomes hoarse
  • Difficult swallowing.
  • A sore throat.
  • Weight loss that is unknown cause, etc.


Hot drinks such as coffee or tea or food that’s just been cooked and eaten directly can burn the inside of the mouth, including the roof of mouth. If the burn is severe enough, bumps in the mouth can be formed.

Mild burns can usually heal by itself, as long as someone who is miserable is very careful to avoid further irritation on the part of the roof of the mouth that are exposed to burns.


Bump on roof of mouth, what is the cause

Mouth mucosa cyst or Mucocele is a lump that sits on the roof of mouth. Because this cyst formed due to salivary glands that is inflamed or irritated. The salivary glands are formed, which will cause the lump to grow. This Mucocele is usually not a very serious condition, but if the disease is left untreated, it would be very dangerous.


Fibroma or connective tissue tumors that arise due to irritation or trauma.

Torus Palatinus.

Torus Palatinus also provides a complaint of protrusion of the bones on roof of mouth that can grow over time.

Osteoma torus Palatinus.

Osteoma torus Palatinus is a benign tumor that grows on bone in the mouth. The most recognizable symptom, of course the existence of hard bumps in the mouth, which usually has a size of less than 2 cm.

The size is not too large and is rarely accompanied by pain, often making sufferers are not aware of the presence. However, sometimes this osteoma torus palatinus can grow slowly and fill the entire roof of mouth.

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