Blueberry extract benefits
Blueberry Extract Benefits

Blueberry Extract Benefits

Talk about the benefits, although the fruit has a very petite size, but who would have thought the benefits that exist in the blueberry is not proportional to its size. You can obtain the benefits as well as the tremendous benefits of one type of berries.

Blueberry is one type of fruit belonging to the Vaccinium plant, this fruit has a scientific name Vaccinium pallidum. Blueberries are famous for their antioxidant content. This content works to neutralize free radicals associated with the development of cancer cells, heart disease and various other diseases.

Discover the many benefits of blueberry fruits to help your health, ranging from providing a complete nutrition on the body up to its role in the healing process of various complaints.

The kind of powerful antioxidants in blueberry fruit is from the type of tannins-polyphenolic or  anthocyanins, a substance which affects the color of the blueberries and other fruits and vegetables.

The USDA reported that if compared to other fruits, blueberries have a value of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the highest because of the antioxidant content that serves to protect the body from the free radical damage. Both in short-term and long-term cell damage.

Blueberry Extract Benefits

There are various Blueberry Extract Benefits, the following Blueberry Extract Benefits for health:

Benefits Of Vitamin C On The Blueberries.
Your body needs vitamin C intake was almost 25% per day. The content of vitamin C on blueberries is able to fulfill your daily needs, where vitamin C can help the formation of collagen and are able to maintain the health of your gums to stay healthy and help the immune system to keep it strong and healthy.

According to the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, vitamin C can reduce the intrakular pressure, reduce the potential for the development of glaucoma diseases, as well as the various directions that refer to a variety of conditions of the eye and damages the optic nerve.

Improve Your Heart Health.
Blueberries also have an important role for health-related cardiovascular disease. One of them, according to a recent study, that type of berry including blueberries may help reduce the risk of heart disease in women, again this is because the content of anthocyanins in blueberries. The role of anthocyanins for heart health, is can help fight plaque buildup as well as improve the quality of heart health.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer.
Anthocyanins in blueberries are able to provide amazing benefits in reducing the risk of the development of cancer cells in the body. Anthocyanins will even block tumor cells from its formation, the scientists ever find any evidence to suggest that blueberries are very potential as a therapy in cancer.

Improve Brain Health.
Blueberry also has positive effects for the health of the brain, even said that the blueberry was a natural brain food that can help repair and restore memory loss in the short term as well as other conditions associated with aging.

In 1999, a group of scientists from the NIH supports a study that shows and stated that the blueberries are very effective in reducing the effects of premature aging in the neural network.

Keeping Vision Sense.
Blueberry fruit has been known as one of the foods and has been widely used as supplements for eye health and overcome various complaints that accompany it. The Blueberries contain vitamin A levels were good to prevent blindness that occur due to age factor.

According to a study conducted by The Life Extension Foundation (LEFT) show that blueberries can help improve your overall eye health, able to inhibit the formation causes of cataracts as well as protect the eyes from the danger of glaucoma eye disease. The most sensible is that its benefits can improve the function of vision at night.

The Blueberry Extract Benefits above are most that can be obtained from the blueberry fruit, there are still many benefits to be gained for the other health of the body.

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