Benefits of telehealth
Benefits of Telehealth

9 Benefits of Telehealth For Patients, Doctor, and Hospitals

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Benefits of Telehealth For Patients, Doctor, and Hospitals – In the Western countries in the era of 1850 an information grew doubling than before. It is possible for one person to obtain information and use that information. A doctor and nurse can currently read health articles every day. Knowledge in various field changes: One can get better information and knowledge.

Likewise, in healthcare, increased knowledge triggers development in various skills as a sub specialist. Existing constraints, related data and information, a lot of patient data needed, health workers have trouble remembering and managing data well.

The opportunities are, the growing effort to manage data to be useful information and knowledge for healthcare practitioners, so as to develop a new scientific field of health informatics. This field concentrates on identifying, obtaining manipulating, storing and transforming data into information. Health informatics are compiled from a combination of various fields of science: health, information, and computer.

Telehealth is a smart city system aimed at the health sector. Telehealth consists of communication devices and technologies such as teleconferencing that encourage patients to consult with a doctor online. Telehealth can help patients to see their doctor anytime and anywhere. Not only is it able to consult a general practitioner, but also a specialist from a large hospital.

Telehealth is able to help people get medical services precisely and quickly.

Telehealth is also able to lower your transportation and time costs. People far from the city are also facilitated to check their health through telehealth. Telehealth was also implemented in various developed countries such as Singapore and Japan.

Technology in Telehealth

In telehealth in general, there are two technologies in the service: Store forward and real time technology.

Store and forward

Store and forward technology, for example: images obtained from electronic, such as x ray technology, can be delivered to specialists for interpretation. The picture is just moving. Radiology, Dermatology, pathology is a very visible example of specialization using this technology.

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Real Time Technology

Real time is a technology that keeps patients and providers interacting at the same time. Many telecommunications tools facilitate two-way communication using real-time technology in telehealth.

Realtime technology can also create a tool to transfer images from different places. For example, the camera to observe the client state. Realtime technology facilitates two-way communication, both audio and video, which can be used in telehealth.

As a real time and robotic combination, a surgeon can perform surgery with specific surgical tools from a certain distance. This procedure is called telepresence. Telepresence is one of the sub-sections of telehealth. Currently still being developed because it requires a system that is 100% reliable and bandwidth is very high.

Benefits of Telehealth

Some benefits of telehealth application usability of the Homecare service are:

  • Effective on modality therapy interventions
  • Increase patient awareness to medication adherence and reduce complications
  • Be a monitoring system on the patient Chronic disease service.
  • Effectively give time and efficient intervention, because the implementation of intervention is done flexibly.

Home care services by using telehealth have an indirect impact on the nurse, such as improving the quality of service because there is no overload of patients in health services. In addition, the Homecare service provides a change in the implementation of health services such as, changes in the documentation system by using e-documentation.

This can minimize the loss of patient data previously using paper-Base on the documentation system.

Benefits of Telehealth for patients

The benefits of telehealth include the three related aspects of each other, patients, doctors and hospitals. Direct benefits for patients are:

  • Speed up patient access to referral centers.
  • Easy to get help while waiting for direct help from private physicians.
  • Patients feel close to home where family and friends can provide immediate support.
  • Lower mental stress or perceived tension in the workplace.
  • Selection of patients who need to be brought to hospitals and patients who do not need hospital care will stay at home

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