Baking Soda Gender Test
Baking soda gender test

Baking Soda Gender Test

Baking Soda Gender Test – Having a child is a fun thing and also a proud for a woman. Having a child will add happiness in the lives of every married couple.

Regardless of the gender of the child in the womb will not diminish the sense of happiness. Sometimes Moms and Dads want a child with a certain gender.

Moms are also sometimes curious about the child in the womb. Is it a boy or girl who is in the womb?

Maybe Moms have heard many ways to predict whether whether pregnant with a boy or girl. Some methods may also be performed to choose the gender of babies, such as diet and se**x.

Baking Soda Gender Test

Knowing the gender of babies in the womb is something that mothers are eagerly waiting for. If the mother had just experienced her first pregnancy. This is the moment where she will feel excited and happy knowing the gender of the baby in her belly. The reason is, most of the couples who crave the gender of the child, according to the wishes of their parents. It is not uncommon for parents who want a male gender in a baby who is in her womb.

To find out the gender of the fetus, pregnant women can perform ultrasound examination at the age of 3 months gestation. With Ultrasound will be clearly visible the gender of the baby, and the doctor will give explanation.

Also, do you know if there are other ways to know your baby’s gender in a simple way? That is only by using baking soda. This Baking Soda Gender Test is often done by mothers to know the gender of babies.

There are many traditional beliefs about how parents can know their baby’s gender before childbirth. The Baking Soda Gender Test is an easy and cost-effective method, but does it work?

People may not want to try this test, but there is also no harm in trying. However, there are many other conclusive ways for prospective parents to determine the gender of their unborn child.

What is baking soda gender test?

What Is Baking Soda Gender Test?

The baking soda gender test is a method at home that involves merging the urine of pregnant women with baking soda to see if the reaction is sizzling. Whether the mixture of urine and baking soda can find out the baby is in a womb a male or female.

It is very easy, prepare baking soda. Then collect the urine of pregnant women in containers.

You should use urine that is excreted in the morning. Place baking soda in a large enough container. Gently pour the urine into baking soda.

If there is a sizzling or popping noise when urine is taken into baking soda, then the fetus is male. If there is no sound of hisses, such as the effect of a regular water, the fetus can be female gender.

This test can be done at the end of the third trimester for better results. Why? Because of the levels of hCG hormones, it usually reaches its peak in that phase. The hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein hormone from the Gonadotropin family that was originally synthesized by the human embryo, and then continued by syncytiotrophoblast, part of the placenta, during the pregnancy period.

The science behind this idea says that the gender of babies changed some of the hormones in the mother’s body, which then altered some of its acid content. So this way can be used.

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This test can be true, there are some pregnant mothers who try and the results are correct. But do not make this test as a benchmark. Use this way for just an alternative. For more details, it should be checked directly to see the doctor.

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