Are Generic Drugs Effective
Are generic drugs effective

Are Generic Drugs Effective? | Are Generic Drugs Effective? One generic has the same active substance, in equivalent quantity, than the brand name drug to which it corresponds. Its absorption, its diffusion in the body and its effectiveness must be similar to those of its model. But this strictly rational approach is sometimes called into question.

Are generic drugs as effective as brand name drugs?

Sometimes a patient judges the action of a generic less effective than the brand name drug he was used to. Is it just a prejudice, a distorted perception of reality? Even if they are by definition impossible to verify, such statements deserve in any case to be heard and respected by doctors and pharmacists.

To be effective, drugs generic must be used according to the same rules of good use as other medicinal products: observance of dosages and times of administration, observance of methods of administration (on an empty stomach, with a meal, etc.) and observance of the duration of treatment. It is not because the generic are cheaper than they allow wastage.

Are generics the subject of clinical studies?

The marketing authorization which allows the marketing of a generic drug is based on the safety and efficacy data obtained with the original medicine. Clinical studies to confirm this efficacy are therefore not necessary. However, as the shape and the excipients contained in drugs generic are not always identical to those of the original medicine, studies are done to ensure that the medicine generic is well absorbed, then eliminated, under conditions identical or very close to those of the original medicinal product.

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