Why should you not wash chicken before cooking?
Why should you not wash chicken before cooking?

Why should you not wash chicken before cooking? 5/5 (2)

Why should you not wash chicken before cooking? There are frequently questions came upon moms who will cook the chicken in the kitchen. They wonder should first be washed before cooking the chicken? The problem of cleaning the chicken have become a common problem. But, do you have to wash the chicken before cooking it? Most people who clean the chicken thinks they’re eliminating germs by washing it. It could be that their assumption is true that raw chicken is often full of bacteria, but wash it with water has no effect whatsoever.

According to the UK National Health Service, wash the chicken really aggravate the problem. Water flows and splash can spread bacteria around the sink, table, even a person’s clothing. The USDA declared the only sure way to remove bacteria is to boil the chicken with just the right temperature. This rule also applies to other types of meat and fish. The minimum temperature to cook chicken should be 165 Fahrenheit degrees or 73 Celsius degrees.

Professional chef also split in their opinions. Chef Julia Child as a loyal supporter of the wash chicken. While chef Ina Garten recently appeared in her show insist that does not need to wash your chicken or other meat. Garten’s opinion departs from the study that in addition to the potential dangers of washed chicken, really there is no reason for it other than the attachment to old habits and cultivated.

Food researcher of Drexel University, Jennifer Quinlan advises not to wash the chicken. You could try not washing it once to see the difference. If you still feel dirty, try cleaning the chicken with tissue paper. If you still decide continue the habit of washing the chicken, you should clean it properly the surface of a liquid or a spark to prevent cross-contamination. You should also wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw meat or raw meat tools.

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Why should you not wash chicken before cooking?

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