Nutritional problems during pregnancy
Nutritional problems during pregnancy

Nutritional problems during pregnancy

Nutritional problems during pregnancy – Pregnant women often experience problems of nutrients. One is nausea vomiting or known by the term morning sickness. Generally this happens in pregnancy in the first trimester. However, those who experience it until the age of pregnancy above three months. Nausea and vomiting or commonly known as morning sickness occurs in 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women. This is indeed noteworthy. Because, basically, the pregnant women have higher nutrient than usual.

In addition to the problem of nausea vomiting, another problem experienced by pregnant women is insufficient nutritional intake due to chronic diseases. Not rarely also pregnant women who have problems in choosing food. The limited availability of food has also become one of the problems.

Nutritional needs of pregnant women relative height compared to before getting pregnant, because it takes extra energy and nutrients for the growth and development of the fetus, in addition to meeting the needs of her own. Hormonal changes at the time of getting pregnant will result in the intake of mother’s nutrients.

The importance of nutrition during pregnancy aim to meet nutritional needs on a mother during pregnant and the fetus. Beside that, also for the preparation of the mother at the time of giving birth so as not to cause problems or health problems and prepare for the mother to breastfeed her baby. Hoarding fat during pregnancy aims to provide a certain amount of reserve energy (500 calories) needed to breastfeeding activities.

Now to address the problem of these nutrients, pregnant women can consume low fat milk. This is in order to reduce nausea in pregnant women. Pregnant women can also consume the snack in her spare time. Later, pregnant women can also reduce food with a stimulating spice. Then, the pregnant women can also consume soft foods. This is one way to help. In addition, drink before eating it is important. Pregnant women can also avoid the intake that contains a lot of caffeine. In addition, pregnant women can also consume a drink or eating foods that contain ginger.

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