Metformin And Pregnancy
Metformin And Pregnancy

Metformin And Pregnancy In The Early Weeks Effects

Metformin and pregnancy has a relation. The woman consume metformin if they have a problem with their hormon when they pregnant. However, metformin also is used to treat diabetes.

What is metformin?

Metformin usually is used as the medication of the people who suffer diabetes type 2. Menformin can help to relieve the insulin so the blood sugar can be controlled. It is useful for the pregnant people who suffer diabetes. Metformin will reduce the risk of birth problem and the other risk of pregnancy. Metformin is also used to medicate the people who get Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Is metformin safe for pregnancy?

Metformin and pregnancy must be controlled well by the doctor. It is important to control the blood sugar during the pregnant. So, if you already consume metformin before you pregnant, you have to consult your doctor.

Metformin will be safe for pregnant woman under doctor control. The doctor gives the right medication for you. The doctor can check your medical history, and choose the right dosage of metformin for you.

Effects of metformin during pregnancy

Metformin and pregnancy cannot be separated by the woman who suffer diabetes. Although they are pregnant, they have to consume metformin. There are positive and negative effects of consuming metformin during the pregnancy.

1. Reduce pregnancy problems

The researcher showed that metformin can reduce the pregnancy problems like premature, unhealthy baby weight. Enough insulin can make the baby safe in the womb.

2. Side effect

However, there are some bad effects come up. They are nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. It will make the pregnant woman have the worse morning sickness. You can directly call your doctor and have consultation.

3. Cause a complication

A complication like lactic acids might be happen when pregnant woman consume metformin. It caused by our problem with metabolism system.

Metformnin Dosage

Everyone have their own medical history. So, the dosage of the metformin will be different. We cannot generalize to avoid bad effect for the pregnancy. The doctor will check the level of insulin sensitivity and decide the dosage for them.

Metformin for the people who suffer ovary syndrome also different. It depends on the reaction of metformin during the medication. It brings many bad effects and it could not be controlled, the doctor will give different dosage. The lower dosage is suitable for them. Metformin and pregnancy is safe if it is managed well by the doctor.

Metformin And Pregnancy In The Early Weeks Effects

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