How to cure corns
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How To Cure Corns

Corn is the skin thickening condition that occurs due to the too often pressure or friction against the skin prolonged and becomes thicker, causing widespread pain. If this condition is too long, could be ulcer on the corn. Corn often appear in bone area e.g. heel bone. Usually the corn such as peanuts.

How To Cure Corns

Here are few ways to cure corns:

Using garlic is one of the best ways that you can use to cure Corns. Use pieces of fresh garlic and rub it on the area for about a minute, or by covering the corns with garlic that has been pounded and then bandaged.

Apple Cider vinegar.
Apple Cider vinegar is also believed to be able to help soften and reduce corns. The trick is to soak the part that hurts into aqueous solution contains apple cider vinegar over the twenty-five minute. Then rub with a pumice stone which is wrap with bandage that also already dampened with Apple Cider vinegar.

Papaya is also one of the solutions to treat corns, how is the raw papaya juice is made then as much as a half a teaspoon of the raw papaya juice is applied to corns by using cotton.

Lemon can also be one alternative to treat corns. Apply lemon water using cotton 3 times a day, this can help soften and remove the corns. You can also use lemon oil. Take this natural medicine regularly every day until healed. Thus, the expected corns will soon recover as usual.

The use of aspirin, water and lemon water can also be used to cure corns. Puree 6 tablets of aspirin, and add a little water and the juice of a lemon. After that apply this mixture on corns and leave on for 15 minutes, then rub it using pumice stone. This treatment must be made 7 days in a row until the corns is missing.

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