How to cure canker sore on tongue
How To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue

How To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue

Canker sores on the tongue can be so excruciating and bothersome. Eating or talking so hard. However, you do not need to worry because usually canker sores will disappear within one to two weeks. To speed up the healing process of canker sores on the tongue, there are various ways that you can take. Ranging from drugs and ointments from the pharmacy to natural medicines.

Canker sore can be caused by several things. Medical conditions such as Aphthous stomatitis (canker sores), stress, diabetes, HIV infections, cancer, smo**king habits, side effects of certain medications, side effects of chemotherapy, wounds in the tongue, as well as hormonal changes in pregnancy period are some of the causes The onset of canker sore on tongue.

But in addition to the above conditions, canker sores on the tongue can also occur due to an infection in the mouth caused by the fungus, and are known as oral thrush. This canker sore can be recognizable from its shape that looks like a whitish layer wound. Not only on the tongue, mouth sores can also occur in the inner cheeks, gums, tonsils, until the back of the throat.

How To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue

Here are some ways To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue.

Medicinal corticosteroids to canker sores on the tongue.

Canker sores on the tongue usually appear at the side of or behind the tongue. Inflammation is certainly makes you so hard to chew or talk. In addition, canker sores on the tongue are also feeling the pain. Then, you can use a corticosteroid drugs can fight the inflammation and relieve pain. Corticosteroids for canker sores on the tongue remedies usually available in the form of mouth ointments, gargle, drinking or drugs

Gargle salt water.

The next way How To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue is by gargle salt water. Salt can be used to treat Canker Sore On Tongue. For treating canker sores on the tongue, mix a half teaspoon of salt in warm water until dissolved. Gargle, especially Canker Sore On Tongue section for 1-2 minutes.

You can gargle salt water several times a day until the Canker Sore On Tongue shrink or disappear. Make sure you throw away after gargling salt water, do not swallow.

Aloe Vera.

Prepare Aloe Vera leaves and wash to clean. Then, apply the sap of the Aloe Vera or meat to taste directly on Your canker sores. Leave for a few hours and repeat two to three times a day. Aloe Vera is effective for relieving canker sores on the tongue because of its function as a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that is natural.

Ice cubes.

In recent days, canker sores on the tongue can swell and hurt. In order to quickly deflate and heal canker sores, you can compress the tongue with ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth. If difficult, sucking ice cubes on the Canker Sore On Tongue until completely melted in the mouth.


The tea leaves are able to fight infection and inflammation that causes canker sore. In addition, tea also contains alkalis that can neutralize the acids in the mouth that can make canker sore feels stung.

So, don’t waste the tea bag pouch after brewed. Compress the Cure Canker Sore On Tongue with a teabag that already brewed for about 5 minutes. Repeat for a few times a day until the canker sore on tongue to subside.


Honey is known as liquids with a million benefits. You can also use honey as a way to treat canker sores on your tongue. Besides being able to moisturize the face and lips, honey can accelerate the recovery process.

Thank you very much for reading How To Cure Canker Sore On Tongue, hopefully useful. Do not forget to read also 10 Simple Home Remedies for Canker Sores.

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