How many ideal steps to lose weight?
How many Ideal Steps to Lose Weight?

How many Ideal Steps to Lose Weight?

There are many applications in mobile phones that can count how many steps you walk each day. This can be very useful, especially those of you who are struggling to lose weight. Many current job requires someone sitting for a long time at a desk or the front of the computer. This can be bad for the body and the brain. Just walking and moving can help you lose weight. However, How many Ideal Steps to Lose Weight?

If we ask people or experts how many steps should we walk every day, most would answer the 10,000 steps. Actually there are no medical reasons why we have to walk that much. Recommendations for running 10,000 it was originally coined in Japan in the 1960-70s.

A company in Japan at that time created a pedometer called “man-po-kei”. “Man”, it means 10,000, “po” means steps, and “Kai” means “meter”.

In fact a pedometer is quite in demand and many people remember the 10,000 steps they have to walk. The problem, according to Bestor, the target is suitable for Japanese in 1960-70s due to their low calorie diet, rare animal fats, and not too much driving.

CEO Matriarc, health and fitness applications, Laura Arndt recommends 30 minutes of brisk walking, about three thousand to five thousand steps each day can really help lose weight. Average health experts recommend 10 thousand steps each day, but this figure is not a realistic number for some people.

Walk three thousand to five thousand steps is a realistic figure for everyone regardless of the profession work. How fast you walk also gives effect of faster to lose weight. Surgeon in the Khalili Center and Director of the Institute For Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery, Gregg Kai Nishi added a very rapid walk less than 10 thousand steps even the benefits are much better to lose weight.

It’s also important to look at your eating habits every day. Although You run six thousand to 10 thousand steps a day, if you are consuming excessive calories, it’s not much help to lose weight. Make sure you are eating healthy food, dominated by vegetables and fruit, whole grains, protein, and healthy fats. Adequate physical activity is supported.

For those who are less active lifestyle, a 5000 steps every day is a challenge, let alone 10,000 steps. However, adding more than 2,500 steps into 5000 is is a worthwhile thing, especially for those who never exercise.

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